8 Effective Ways to Destress – the WhenInManila.com Way

Stress – whether you’re a still a student or a working adult, you have undoubtedly experienced stress at least once in your life… and it’s definitely not fun. Having had a few years of experience in the stress department ourselves (working online does not lower the amount of stress that we experience in any way!), we already know exactly how to destress and make ourselves better whenever things get extra stressful.

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Here’s how some members of the WhenInManila.com team deal with stress:

8 Effective Ways to Destress – the WhenInManila.com Way

Yza Tolentino



“I eat sweets. Lots of them. No regrets.”

Millie Manahan



“I do yoga or cook.”

Angeline Rodriguez



“I travel. I’ve found that the best way to destress is to just get away and leave all of the stress behind.”

Rebecca Lee



“I destress by going offline. I make a list of things to do after I take my offline break. (It lessens my guilt and anxiety). After that, I read and reflect on my favorite books.”

Jo Tan



“Beaching! It’s the ultimate way to destress: hello sunshine, hello happiness, hello vitamin D, hello vitamin sea!”

Alvin Cheng



“My favorite way to destress is to invite a lot of my friends to our favorite pub, order the cheapest bottle of alcohol, ask the DJ to play Ariana Grande and then just dance and laugh together. Plus, talk to strangers and make new friends.”

Hershey Neri



“I like going someplace alone to read self-help books. Or to sleep. I like sleeping.”

Nicole Villaluz



“NETFLIX AND CHI…..LAYS. Wala ko ka chill so I just eat a whole big bag of Lays cheddar and sour cream flavor and finish it by myself.”

What’s your favorite way to destress? Share your destressing tips with us! 🙂