8 Delicious Snacks That Have Been Keeping Me Going Lately

Call it an occupational hazard from being a foodie and food writer; but even with the quarantine, I still think about food. My phone is filled with food photos, my feed is an endless rabbit hole of food photos and recipes, and most of my conversation with friends is about food.

With most of my life revolving around food, how can I resist munching on something sweet while I go about my day, right On today’s agenda, I’m sharing my top food picks for the week. (They all deliver, too!)

8 Delicious Snacks That Have Been Keeping Me Going Lately

8. Oreo Pie Yogurt & Baked Purple Chizu Drinks

BLK 513 (@blk513ph)


FRNK Milk Bar (@frnkmilkbar)


Since I have a massive sweet tooth, I’m obsessing over drinks from BLK 513 and FRNK Milk Bar, specifically their Oreo Pie Yogurt and Baked Purple Chiizu drinks.

The former is made with activated charcoal, frozen Greek Yogurt, low-fat milk, fruit honey, cacao sauce, and crushed Oreos— a mix of sweet and tart flavors paired with chocolatey cookie bits. On the other hand, the Baked Purple Chizu is a rich and creamy contrast to the refreshing yogurt drink. Made primarily with homemade purple yam and purple yam jam, this drink comes with a frothy cheese cap and springy blue tea pearls all mixed together with coconut milk. Find out how you can get these drinks delivered to you here.

7. Sisig Croquettes

BOA Kitchen (@boakitchen)


Whether as a snack or for lunch, the Sisig Croquettes from BOA Kitchen are a must-have. They’re handheld bites filled with creamy potatoes and bites of savory pork— all rolled up into neat balls and deep-fried together. They even come with a creamy sauce that really brings out the sour-salty flavors of the sisig. Best of all, you can get these and other Asian dishes in ala carte or party platters via takeout or delivery for all sorts of occasions.

6. Grape Juice and Fruit Snacks

Welch’s PH (@welchs_ph)


During quarantine, I’ve replaced my soft drinks with fruit juice, particularly Welch’s grape juice. Made up of Concorde grapes, Welch’s grape juice is loaded with heart-healthy benefits, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, it’s sweet and refreshing, especially after a hot day. And don’t worry— the sugar in this drinks come from the fruit itself.

Conversely, whenever I have the case of the munchies, I go for their Fruit Snacks. The gummies are made up of fruit juices— the natural stuff. They’re springy, come in a wide variety of flavors, and are easy to carry around.

5. Chicken Kebab and Chicken Shawarma

Shah Kebab (@shahkebab.ph)


Kebabs and shawarma have been a part of my list of cravings during quarantine. Thankfully, Shah Kebab delivers within Metro Manila!

Shah Kebab’s menu may comprise mostly of beef, but they also have chicken options. Their Chicken Kebab comes with some buttery basmati rice, pieces of chicken coated in turmeric and spices, and a creamy garlic yogurt sauce. Shah Kebab also offers a Chicken Shawarma—the same spiced chicken with shredded cabbage and onions in a tortilla wrap. While not overwhelmingly spicy, both dishes have the characteristic flavors that you would expect from authentic Persian cuisine.

4. Pandesal and Cream Cheese Herb Spread

Pan de Manila (@pandemanilaofficial)


Pandesal is a classic Filipino favorite that you can enjoy in more ways than one. Whenever I want something easy to hold onto while writing, I whip up a pandesal sandwich with Herb Cream Cheese in the middle. It’s creamy and garlicky because it’s made with real garlic and parsley bits. When paired with warm, toasty soft bread; it’s an indulgent treat that reminds me of lazy mornings. Yum!

By far, my favorite place to get both of these is none other than Pan de Manila— a one-stop-shop for bread, pastries, and fixings for cravings and breakfasts. Some of their branches deliver, and you can place your orders through their social media accounts.

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Going back, here are my top 3 snacks this week:

3. Portuguese Egg Tarts

Lord Stow’s Bakery (@lordstowsbakeryph)


Egg tarts are warm, toasty little bites of creamy custard nestled in a flaky cup— the kind of handheld snacks that just melt in your mouth. It’s one of the few egg treats I enjoy because it’s simple, not too sweet, and something that I can always bring back for my grandparents.

While Lord Stow’s initially teased fans with the possibility of delivering sometime soon, they’ve finally dropped news on which branch they’ve reopened: Tomas Morato! To order your very own box of Portuguese egg tarts, just reach out to them on social media, and they’ll deliver in a jiffy.

2. Kerrot Loaf Cake and Chocochip Banana

Mr. Vin Munchies (IG: @mr.vinmunchies)

A quarantine hobby-turned-business, Mr. Vin Munchies is the passion project of celebrity Marvin Agustin. He offers homemade carrot loaf—affectionately called Kerrot Loaf— and two kinds of banana bread. This includes a plain version and one with chocolate chips. While the plain one isn’t too sweet, the chocolate chip one is my favorite.

The Kerrot Loaf is just as moist with a delicious mix of carrot, chocolate chips, and cinnamon for the loaf part. The literal icing on the cake? A cream cheese frosting with shredded carrots, chocolate chips, and coarsely chopped walnuts. To order, message him on Instagram. While he can deliver within the BGC area, Quezon City residents can also get a taste of these loaves because he set another base there.

1. Nama Chocolate and S’mores Bites

Kitchen Cube (@kitchencube.mnl)


An affordable and local brand made by a husband and wife tag team; Kitchen Cube offers its take on Nama, a rich and smooth dessert made with Belgian chocolate and quality ingredients. The resulting chocolate has a smooth, almost velvety feel that just melts in your mouth. Their flavors include classic dark, milk, and white chocolate along with Asian flavors like earthy matcha and ube. My favorite by far is a double-layered coffee and milk Nama chocolate that they call Coffee Dalgona.

Aside from these luxurious chocolates, Kitchen Cube also offers S’mores— their take on chocolate bark. Made with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows; these chunks come in dark chocolate, matcha, and ube flavors. Compared to the Nama series, this one’s sweeter, and a great snack for binge-watching.

Which snacks do you think I should try out next? Share your recommendations in the comments section!

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