8 Bold New Hairstyles You Should Try

I’ve always been very adventurous with my hair. Ever since I got my hair bleached to platinum blonde, I have never turned back.

Pink, purple, green, yellow, red, silver – you name the color, I’ve tried it. I actually don’t know what color to try anymore because I’ve tried most of the colours out there, even pastels and multiple color combinations.

Because I was into all of these hair adventures, I have also tried many salons, stylists, and products. I know the brands that are good for me and it made me very hesitant to try others. However, one of my good friends, blogger Maxine Marcelino, suggested that I try Hairshaft and her favourite hairstylist Miguel.


I visited Hairshaft at the newly renovated Podium Mall in Ortigas in hopes of finding a new color to try.

My stylist Miguel is known for doing the hair of celebrities and bloggers, so I knew I was in good hands. If you are looking for hair inspiration or a hairstylist, read on and check out some of Miguel’s works!

Rainbow Dash

Screen Shot 2018 11 03 at 11.05.39 PM

If you want to try something unique, this is the hairstyle for you. You can opt to get the colors as highlights or you can tone down the colors for different pastel colours. The effect looks great, especially on curly hair.


Screen Shot 2018 11 03 at 10.54.43 PM

If you want something subtle, you can opt to get some bright colors underneath. If you curl them, you can get hints of the colors all throughout.

Pastel Power

Screen Shot 2018 11 03 at 10.58.05 PM

If you are looking for something more toned down but just as exciting, you should try getting these pastel shades. The base color is silver, but the hints of baby pink and purple make it oh-so-cute!

Mermaid Hair

Screen Shot 2018 11 03 at 10.58.43 PM

If I were to imagine the hair color mermaids would have, this would be it. The deep blue and green colors combine perfectly to imitate waves.


Screen Shot 2018 11 03 at 10.57.40 PM

Inspired by Paramore’s Hayley Williams, this hair color is for the brave. It is very bright and something you may want to consider if you like to stand out from the crowd.

Sea Nymph

Screen Shot 2018 11 03 at 10.55.07 PM

If you live the island life and want to show that in your hair, this bright green look is for you.

Hot Pink

Screen Shot 2018 11 03 at 10.56.35 PM

This is the color that everyone is raving about. With so many celebrities rocking this color, everyone wants to get a piece of this trend.


Screen Shot 2018 11 03 at 10.57.25 PM

This handpainted look has been one of the biggest trends for the past two or three years and it’s time for you to try it, too!

It’s time for a new hair adventure! Have you tried a bold new color lately? Share your stunning photos with us!

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