6 Jobs You Didn’t Know Mall Security Guards Do

We all know the usual tasks that mall security guards do: check and frisk our bags, give us directions, inform us of events and happenings – the usual stuff. But there is actually more than meets the eye in the life and duties of a security guard.

I had a chance to chat with several security guards of SM MOA (yes, I talk to unlikely strangers especially when friends make you wait in the mall for what seems like eternity). I was surprised to find out what “other jobs” they do on the side, voluntarily or not. I thought the manong guards can actually pass the auditions for the next Avengers. I’m exaggerating, of course, but I thought: why not?

6 Jobs You Didn’t Know Mall Security Guards Do

6) The mechanic

There will always be customers who run into vehicle problems like flat tires or busted engines. Security guards are equipped with basic tools that help you with primary car troubles. You need a lift to change that tire? They got you.

security slash mechanic For girls like me, getting caught with a flat tire is a challenge. Count on manong guard to come to the rescue!


5) The fire fighter

You don’t need to wait until the fire truck rolls around; a security guard can help you out with that. Armed with basic training in firefighting and rescuing, a security guard can help alleviate initial dangers and act fast to control fire and the crowd until the real fire fighters arrive.

security slash firefighterI don’t know about you, but I think having guards around could also come in handy when things get hotter around the kitchen.


4) The paramedic

Security guards have also been equipped with training to give first aid to customers who have medical conditions or who get into accidents.

security slash paramedicSecurity guards are ready to respond to any possible emergency especially during big events in the malls.


3) The babysitter

Numerous children get lost in the mall every single day. There are security guards who have the talent to actually pacify and keep kids calm until they are found by their parents or guardians.

security slash babysitterThere are security guards who are daddies, too, you know.


2) The school builder

With SM’s program called “Brigada Eskwela,” security guards devote their precious free time away from their duty at the malls to volunteer for public schools within the vicinity. They paint and repair classrooms and help clean out the school’s surroundings, making the place more conducive for learning.

Schoolbuilder1Yup, security guards get their share of doing community service, too.


1) The policeman

While you can’t expect the security guards to always catch the bad guys, they surely can hold the fort before the cops arrive. Security guards can take fast action to apprehend suspects and to immediately turn them over to proper authorities because of specific skills they learn from regular training.

Policeman1Real cops show their comrades in the security force how they do it in case something drastic happens (heaven forbid!).


Manong guards may not exactly be Captain America, but you have to agree that having these “other jobs” make them heroes of sorts. So next time you see them in the mall, it wouldn’t hurt to give them a little more respect. Trabaho lang, guys.

Source: Best Security Company.