Mall Protocol to Help First Before Towing Away Broken Vehicles

I remember several months ago while driving home from Alabang, my fiance was worried because his car’s battery wasn’t working properly and there was a possibility of our car stopping midway. His fear was not really the fact that the car could stop, but that our vehicle could be towed if it stops in a busy area. Though I understand needing to tow a broken vehicle to avoid further accidents, I also wondered why that would be the first thing officers would do. Couldn’t they assist the driver first to move the car to the side of the road and perhaps help the driver fix the problem? I’m not sure what the bigger explanation is, but this really bothered me.

Few months ago, a friend’s car was towed even after suffering a flat tire in Makati. Again, it made me question the reasoning behind it. Isn’t it a problem enough for the driver that he’s car broke down?

So when I heard news that this mall’s protocol was to assist stowed vehicles first before towing, I just had to commend them for it.

This photo was shared by Alex de Vera Dizon

SM Protocol to Help before Towing Vehicles

According to Alex, the van broke down and wouldn’t start. Since it’s protocol in SM to help before towing, the security guards and police in the area immediately helped out At first, the patrol van wasn’t in the area, but quickly came over when their help was requested.

This is how the traffic enforcers work along SM MOA area… help first before anything else. We just have to commend not just these officers but the mall as well for choosing to help others.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever experienced unexpected help just when you needed it? Do share!