INSPIRING: This Hardworking Man Works as a Security Guard and PUJ Conductor

INSPIRING: This Hardworking Man Works as a Security Guard and PUJ Conductor


Security Guard and PUJ Conductor(Photo credit: Vijay Vasandani via Facebook)

Life may be hard but there are people who work doubly hard to get by and to provide for their families. It is amazing that there are those who defy age and even having disabilities to work and earn for their loved ones.

One of our readers sent a story about this hardworking man who works as a security guard in an establishment in Dagupan City and sidelines as a public utility jeepney (PUJ) conductor on his day off. According to Vijay Vasandani, the sender of the story, he always sees this man working as a guard at Rubis Resto in Dagupan City and then chanced upon him one day helping out an elderly ride a jeepney where he appears to work as a conductor.

Vasandani said the man is “Salvador Velasco, 35 years old from Binmaley, Pangasinan, and a husband, a father of two children, a security guard and extra-PUJ conductor.”

He described Velasco as a decent guy who tries to help out everyone. He mentioned:

I’ve always seen him to be a decent security guard, He’ll welcome you with a smile as soon as you enter the establishment (Rubis Resto in Dagupan City) or guide you when you’re experiencing some parking problems (with or without the tip) and he makes sure the customers comes and go safely. He works on a 24 hour shifting so it means that he comes to duty every other day and during his day-off he sidelines as a conductor of any random Dagupan to Lingayen PUJ route.

Then, Vasandani said that it amazed him when he saw Velasco working another job. He detailed the encounter as:

One day I saw him assisting some senior citizen passenger to take a PUJ ride while I was on my way for school and I could not believe that he is the same guard who helps me whenever I dine at Rubis. So without his consent I took some of his photos afterwards I made a personally visit at his work place wherein I showed him his photos and I remember how happily shocked he was lol, we had a nice chat and I was able to gather some info about him and etc. 

It really is amazing to see people who work hard to make ends meet, to support their family and themselves, and to have a brighter future. Vansandani ended his post with:

It’s no joke to become a security guard since you don’t only protect your employer and customers but you carry the risks and dangers involved in the business place and compensation is very low and cheap. I hope someone out their is listening and might help Salvador get promoted or noticed because I believe every hard working individual of this country deserves to be appreciated and this is just a simple way for me to express how I am amazed by this man since he choose to live and work the honest way despite the economic crisis of our country.

I salute you kuya guard and you inspire me!

Truly inspiring!

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INSPIRING: This Hardworking Man Works as a Security Guard and PUJ Conductor