What Type of Jeepney Commuter Are You?

What Type of Jeepney Commuter Are You?



The jeepney is part of the Filipino culture, and it is also one of the most common and reliable modes of transportation in the country. Almost anywhere you intend to go in Manila and the rest of the Philippines, there is a jeepney that can drive you there. Additionally, it is one of the cheapest although not the most comfortable way to go from one place to another.

When taking the jeepney, there are different types of commuters that you can meet. Some will give you a hard time, some will annoy you, but some can make the ride worthwhile. But, how about you? When you ride the jeepney, which of these commuters resemble you?

An artwork done by Tunganga posted on Facebook depicts the typical jeepney commuters.

Jeepney(Artwork by Tunganga)

Rough translation/explanation:

  • Ngalay – someone who is already feeling numb because they have been hanging on the jeepney’s ledge for a long time
  • Lumagpas – someone who missed the stop because of snoozing
  • Trap – possibly, someone stuck between a commuter who is sleeping comfortably and a plump passenger
  • Bad news – plump passenger who often occupies more than one seat
  • Gatekeeper – someone who sits far forward, like keeping the guard of the jeepney’s imaginary gate
  • Di kita marinig – passenger talking on the phone while the jeepney is moving, possibly the jeepney has extremely loud music
  • Lola fragile – a senior citizen
  • Kinawawa – someone who is one less than one seat, possibly due to the offset made by the Bad news
  • Baby fragile – commuter who is with an infant
  • Tatay lipatbahay – someone who has a lot of stuff with them, possibly because they are moving some items from one home to another
  • Checkmate – someone who will have a hard time going down the jeepney because they are the innermost end
  • Takatak – person selling stuff on the street, usually cigarettes and candies (takatak, from the sound of the container of the goods being sold)
  • Trainer – the driver, apprenticing a younger person, who may take his job in the future
  • Protege – the apprentice, also the one who takes the payments from the passengers
  • Side mirror hunk – narcissistic commuter who keeps looking on oneself on the side mirror, possibly practicing for future selfies
  • Masayahing kaibigan ng driver na makwento – a friend of the driver (trainer) who make tons of small talk, can be entertaining or annoying due to over-sharing of stories
  • Tugs tugs – commuter wearing headphones, possibly blasting loud music
  • UnliFB – commuter subscribed to unlimited Facebook, can’t get enough of that social network site, possibly sharing the jeepney ride in real time
  • Exam later – someone studying while on the jeepney, cramming for the exam
  • Sa bintana nakadungaw si kuyang naliligaw – checking each and every street and stop, unfamiliar of the route to where they are going
  • Busog sa kalat – eating on the jeepney, throwing trash outside
  • Alabyu baby – couple displaying so much affection, get a room!
  • Takpan ng bag ang malikot na kamay – possibly a pickpocket
  • Totoy sobre – hands out envelope asking for money


So, which one of these jeepney commuters are you?




What Type of Jeepney Commuter Are You?