25 Types of People You’ll See in a Philippine Jeepney

When in Manila, the Jeepney is probably one of the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. Its eye-catching colors, one-of-a- kind designs, and cheap fares makes it popular among the Filipino populace, and serves as a great tourist attraction as well. 

However, it’s not just the amusing pictures printed on the jeeps that makes the vehicle truly “Pinoy”, but also the people you’ll meet and experience during the ride. These are the stories that unfold in what locals might call, “ just a normal day.” 

Truly, it’s always more fun in the Philippines! Hope you enjoy! 

25 Types of People You’ll See in a Philippine Jeepney 



25. The “PDA Couple”

Ahh love, love, love. These are the passengers that put the love in the air. These are lovers who just can’t get enough of each other. When you see one, don’t you feel uncomfortable? They just keep on flirting with each other.


24. The “1-2-3”

Admit it, most of you done it before! Maybe you forgot your money at home, or you spent it on something and have no more money for your fare, or because you’re saving up money, or trip lang, or “maybe” you just forgot to pay because you were thinking of something else. What do you do? You resort to 1-2-3. These are the type of passengers who don’t pay the fare. Poor manong driver.


23. The “Lay Your Head On My Shoulders”

Students, workaholics, children, anyone for that matter, sometimes just can’t resist the urge to sleep inside the jeepney. Be it because of exhaustion, the traffic, the long trip, or whatnot. That’s okay. Until they make you the pillow! These are the passengers that slowly but surely lay their head on you unintentionally because they’re asleep.


22. The “Pa-Simple”

When girls see a handsome guy inside the jeep, they’re mostly contented with just looking or being beside that guy, as if there’s nothing. But deep inside, they feel “kilig”, they become conscious of themselves, and they even text their friends about it! But guys? These are the passengers that go a little overboard when they see beautiful women in the jeepney. Guys know it. Girls notice it. No need to explain.


21. The “Leg Boost”

When entering the jeepney, sometimes the handle bars are just too high or out of reach for some that the next thing that they could reach is your leg. These are the passengers that use your leg as a handle bar. It doesn’t only happen when entering, but also when exiting. This usually happens with the elderly or with children. But just be a good person and let them be.


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20. The “Wind Effect”

Have you eaten your breakfast? Why don’t you try some of my hair? Argh! Sometimes there are just women (or men with long hair) who face the window and just let their hair go. Go where? To your face, of course. These are the passengers who don’t even mind tying their hair before facing the window.


19. The “Side Reader”

The long trip in the jeepney makes people bored so they try to do something to pass the time like texting. But if the one beside them can’t find anything to do, ohhh no. These are the passengers that read, usually a text message, whatever the one beside them is also reading.  


18. The “Siksik Pa More”

Are you in a hurry? Get in. No? Get in. “Sampu-sampu yan”. These are the passengers that whether they like it or not, push themselves in the already sardine-like jeepney.


17. The “Uy, Chicks”

The Philippines is one of the most blessed countries in the world with natural resources. But better than that, it is blessed with beautiful women. And with men, you just can’t help but to appreciate God’s blessings. These are the passengers who keep on looking at girls. 


16. The “Your Payment is Mine”

Sometimes done with the 1-2-3 to appear as they have paid, these are the passengers who pass your fare to the driver as if it’s their own. This is dangerous as the driver may think you haven’t paid yet.




15. The “Loud Speaker”

If others care for privacy, these people don’t. It doesn’t matter if people know what they’re talking about. They can’t hear it. These are the passengers who talk loudly to their phones. Or have their phones in loud speaker and you could hear what they’re talking about. R.I.P to the ears of the ones beside them.


14. The “Tall Guy Problems”

With the average Filipinos having a short height compared to other countries, it is but natural that our jeepneys are made for them. This is a drag for the tall ones. These are the tall passengers that have a hard time inside the jeep. Bending their heads in all directions just to fit.


13. The “Soft Voice”

There’s always that shy one in the group. In the jeepney, they are the shy ones. These are the passengers that just can’t make their voices louder to say “para”. They usually need to walk back because they’re already past their location. Good thing there are loud speakers.


12. The “Front Seat Runner”

Who doesn’t want the front seat? No “siksikan”, a window all to yourself, not one of the other types of passengers to bother you. This is like the VIP seat. These are the types of passengers who race for the front seat. Too bad you have to race yourself to it. Lucky if you’re in front of the queue.


11. The “Trench”

Have you been in that moment where your friend meets his friend which you don’t know and you just stand there? Awkward, right? Try that with strangers and you’re in between them. These are the passengers who seem to not see you when talking with their friends.




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