25 Types of People You’ll See in a Philippine Jeepney

Top 10 Types of People You’ll see in a Philippine Jeepney 



10. The “Eye Contact With Driver”

To make sure the driver doesn’t forget you’ve already paid the fare, do this.


9. The “Good Guy”

These are the passengers that represent the modern heroes. They help you move your goods. Help you get in. Pass your fare to the driver. Aww. We need more of these.


8. The “DJ”

Earphones were invented for something. But these passengers don’t seem to know they exist. These are the passengers who play their music so loud for the whole jeep to hear.  But sometimes it’s funny because they don’t fit the song. Ever heard lola listen to rap music? I did.


7. The “Closer I Get”

How can you do the “pa-simple” if you’re not near the subject? The “part 1” of “pa-simple”, these passengers go near the handsome or beautiful passengers as soon as they get the chance. Creepy.


6. The “Tourist”

Foreigners will have an incomplete Philippine experience without riding the jeepney. These are the first time passengers of the Philippine jeepney. Enjoy! 




5. The “King Of The Jeep”

If King Joffrey was a real person riding the jeepney, these would be them. These are the passengers acting all superior, with their legs wide open, leaving you nowhere to sit.


4. The “Creep”

This is usually combined with the Closer I Get and Pa-simple. Staring at you as if they want to devour you, these passengers are the reason girls are afraid of going home alone. Girls, always bring your pepper sprays.


3. The “Pass It Yourself”

These passengers are just too lazy to pass other’s fare, they sometimes push the one beside them to pass it for them. You’re even lucky if they say “bayad po” so you can reach for it.          


2. The “Yolo”

How could the jeepney ride be complete without the “sabit.” Usually done by men, these passengers hang at the back of the jeepney. Dangerous but better than joining the sardine-like environment inside the jeepney. Oh, this comes in different kinds, we have the double, the triple, the quad, the Voltes V, and the ultimate Yolo- on top of the jeep.


1. The “Chika”

Not only applicable to girls, these are the passengers who enjoy the company of their friends that they forgot they’re inside a public transportation. Talking loudly, kind of irritating no?




So, how many of these jeepney passengers have you seen? 

Oh and it’s also much more fun to watch these everyday jeepney riders in action! Check out this cool video below:


Types of Passengers in a Philippine Jeepney

Directed and Written by: Ray Ambler Baguilat


 So, how many of these jeepney passengers have you seen? 

 Did we miss out on any other jeepney passengers? Comment below with those we missed out on! 

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