5 Signs You’re a Millennial Goddess (and How to Smell Like One)

What is a goddess?  Usually it is used to define a woman who is beautiful, enchanting, and carries herself with great finesse. Hestia, Aphrodite, Demeter, Artemis and Athena. Do their names sound familiar to you? They’re the famous goddesses of Greek mythology. They are powerful immortals. They symbolize grace and beauty.


Although thousands of years have passed, goddesses still exist in modern women today, just with different traits and ideologies. Are you one of them? Here are 5 signs you’re a millennial goddess and a fragrance that can make you smell like one.

5 Signs You’re a Millennial Goddess (and How to Smell Like One)

5. Authentic

A goddess doesn’t seek approval from others, but instead allows her intuition to guide her. She doesn’t waste time attempting to impress anyone with shameful videos in an attempt to go viral because she knows her work and the way that she lives her life speaks for itself. She doesn’t make excuses for her actions and is never defensive because she’s not threatened by what other people may think of her.

4. Creative

She is always putting her energy and focus towards working on her personal growth and becoming the greatest expression of herself. A millennial goddess is a creative individual.


3. Intuitive and Sensual

A goddess relies on and trusts her intuition (inner knowing). She has learned how to tap into this source at will. In other words, she has learned the skill of getting her thinking out of her head and into her body. She allows her senses to lead her and inquires within for her truth to guide her.

2. Patient and Balanced

A goddess doesn’t stress or try to control obstacles. Instead, she uses her time and space wisely for rest and reflection.

1. Respectful of Her Body

A goddess sees her body as sacred. A goddess is compassionate and forgiving of herself. She is fully aware that her body is her temple. She knows what she needs to be at her best and always feeds her body and her soul.

Whether you already have all of these traits or are still working on them, you can already smell like a goddess with the help of Olympea.


Paco Rabanne has imagined unique, irreverent sensuality that nothing and no one can resist. Yes, the Olympea fragrance is finally available in the Philippines. A scent truly made for a modern goddess.

This modern day Cleopatra is the queen of queens, the woman of all victories, the absolute icon. Endowed with every strength, she chooses her hero on the steps of Olympus. A demigoddess, but a woman above all. Divinely woman.


Event host Janeena Chan with the Filipina ambassadors for Olympea: Carla Humphries and Sam Pinto.

Both ladies evoke the essence of being a true goddess with their grace and beauty.


Olympea is a unique olfactory adventure – at the crossroads between the sensuality of a salty vanilla accord and the freshness of floral notes. A fresh oriental in which green mandarin awakens the senses, boosted by the floral and aquatic essences of ginger lily and hydroponic jasmine – jasmine grown in water.

Tempting, bold and absolute nature. The sensual and luminous salty vanilla accord brings addictive magnetism amplified by sandalwood and an ambergris accord. Its powerful scent and the unique balance of the accords form a genuine Paco Rabanne signature. For this creation Paco Rabanne drew on the talents of IFF, Loc Dong, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion.


Paco Rabanne Olympea is a fragrance that will surely win the hearts of any sophisticated woman who embraces her inner goddess. Paco Rabanne is available at all leading department stores nationwide in Olympea EDP, Php5850: 80mL, Php4700: 50mL, and Php3400: 30mL.


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