5 Reasons Why Drei’s Modern Day Cuisine is the Perfect Place to Eat with Your Family

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It wasn’t a coincidence that it was on a Sunday when my family and I discovered this hidden treasure of a restaurant. Sunday, as they say, is family day.

Drei’s Modern Day Cuisine is located along Katipunan street in Marikina (near Lilac street!). And I’ll tell you what: it’s the perfect place to be with family and close friends. Here are five reasons why:

5 Reasons Why Drei’s Modern Day Cuisine is the Perfect Place to Eat with Your Family

5. Drei’s Modern Day Cuisine is all about ohana.

“The family who eats together, stays together,” or so the saying goes. And that is the exact Coronel family’s mantra. They established this restaurant last January to bring family and friends closer together. It is managed by two siblings, Darmie and Dar, who proudly told us that this project was inspired by Drei, the brother who completed their trio. Sadly, he passed away four years ago. However, his spirit of passion lives on.

“We all love to eat in the family. So when we started this restaurant, we wanted to name it after Drei. We don’t want to let our brother down, and we believe this was something he would have wanted, too. I like to think he’s proud of us,” said Darmie, who was beaming with love and pride just talking about their angel.

Family photo with the super duo!

A mandatory siblings shot! 🙂 Meet Dar and Darmie, and Hiyasmin and Hershey! 😛

4. Drei’s is as #Instagrammable as it can get.

Every corner is simply exploding with #Art and #Passion. The story behind this? Their Friends! Cue in the Beatles song. Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends. 

When Darmie and Dar’s artsy friends helped out in decorating the homey place, they filled it with paintings, wall art, and hanging paper cranes! Isn’t it wonderful when good friends are around to support you?

What I love about this place is the atmosphere of friendship and support. One of Drei’s Modern Day Cuisine‘s passions is promoting and helping our local artists. Check out these awesome sketches made by their friends! You can actually inquire if you want to buy their work.

I love how they pay close attention to details.

You know art+passion when you see it. Drei’s Modern Day Cuisine was carefully planned and executed, as is evident even in the little things. Their interiors are so beautiful, and I fell in love with how carefully well thought out their chill and hipster playlist is! (Guys, they play Ingrid Michaelson, okay!) Yes, good music is very important.

They also have an al fresco area—perfect for chill nights with friends.

Freeedooommm walll!

C’mon guys. Even their bathroom wall is artsy!

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