5 Reasons Why ‘Black and White’ Works in Photography

As I grow older, I developed a love for monochrome. What is it about black and white photos anyway? Less is more sometimes, I guess? Here are some reasons why they work well. 🙂

Monochrome 26

5 Reasons Why Black and White Works in Photography

5. Clearer Emotional States

Pause and look closer. What is the subject feeling? You’ll see the subject’s emotional state more clearly without color distracting your mind.

Monochrome 18

Monochrome 20

4. Timelessness

Removing color removes the need to put the picture in an era. I guess this is the reason why people think of timeless beauty whenever they think of Audrey Hepburn. You’ll have fun with guessing different eras when looking at photos from New York, too!

Monochrome 2

Monochrome 16

3. Seeing the Bigger Picture

According to studies carried out by Ohio State University, we are more likely to focus on the unimportant, superficial details of a picture when color is used as opposed to a black and white image. This means that you won’t fall prey to any advertising gimmicks when an ad is in black and white.

Monochrome 14

Monochrome 15

2. Take-Home Message is Clear

What’s the point of the picture? You’ll be pretty straightforward because the audience doesn’t have to exert so much effort getting to the meat of your photograph.

Monochrome 11

Monochrome 9

1. Eye Candy for the Old Soul

Born in the wrong era? Heart candy for the old soul!

Monochrome 7

Monochrome 29

Muse/Model: Sarah Reyes
Photography by LK Doble
Collaboration Shoot with Shemweber Esquivel Caday and Gab Venturina
Special thanks to: Leanne Sophia Duran

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