5 Reasons to date a gamer guy

It might be difficult to imagine how a console-geek or a PC-obsessed dude can be a treat to date. However, even if you are not into gaming, gamer guys can be quite the catch. Here are some of the reasons why you should give these guys a chance to take you out.



5. Gamers are low-maintenance

It is to your advantage to date someone who is low-maintenance. Gamer guys can easily have a great time playing non-stop for hours without asking for anything. They also find hanging out at home and just having pizza to be a great time spent together. Still, that doesn’t mean that they never want to go out. They will definitely want to go out and have adventures together but of course, there are just days when you want simply want to chill and gamer guys will definitely be okay with that.

4. Gamers are great in creating strategies

If you are to date someone and might end up getting really serious about it, you would want to be with someone who can come up with a plan. Gamers are known to be great at planning since they often practice this skill in-game. So, if you want stability, you can be sure that your gamer guy is awesome in strategizing what lies ahead for the both of you.

3. Gamers are creative

Dating a gamer means you won’t easily get bored because they have a broad imagination. There will never be any dull moment. This can also be translated on your dates. You can expect a gamer guy to prepare an exciting date whenever you go out together.

2. Gamers give you your own me-time

Most gamers understand the value of having some alone time. They don’t get easily jealous if you want some space so you can some valuable alone time. They will gladly give that to you. When they do, you won’t have any reason to feel jealous as well because you can be sure that they won’t do anything that will make you worry. They would definitely be just in their room or killing some monsters or exploring some realm they haven’t explored yet. You can even have some alone time together, which means you can be together but do your own things separately.

1. Gamers play with devices and not with your heart

Gamers are committed people. If they can commit their time and effort to finish a game, you can be sure that they can do this with you as well. You won’t have to worry about getting played because they only play with their console or PC.

So, what do you think? Is dating gamer guys hot or not?