5 Movies That Will Help You Overcome Writer’s Block

If you are experiencing writer’s block at the moment, please know that you are not alone. In fact, welcome to the club! LOL.


A writer’s job is not easy, that’s for sure. We need to position ourselves, at least myself, in a comfortable place conducive for writing like coffee shops, libraries, a playlist to get your groove on, or anywhere that has a great view of inspiration.

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Seriously, though, writer’s block is inevitable. It’s a ‘disease’ that may come and go, depending on your lifestyle, attitude, and the environment. Experiencing it, however, doesn’t mean you are worthless. It’s totally normal. There are just a few reasons why you suffer from it:

Number one is the environment. For someone who works from home (with 4 kids running around) like me, writing is difficult but can be done. I’ve been doing this for the past 3 years or so, and luckily, I’m still here, publishing articles for you, our dear readers.

movies to overcome writers block

Working at home is not for everyone. But if you can cope with this scenery on a daily basis, carry on!

Number two is timing and fear. According to my online mentor, Jeff Goins, timing and fear could be the reasons why you suffer from writer’s block. He concluded that if it’s not the time to write, don’t fret, as the ideas might need longer time to think about before writing them down. In addition, fear of sharing your thoughts could also be a struggle in writing. Let’s face it, we cannot please everyone, especially now that there’s a lot of judgmental people in the digital world, which makes it more fearful for us – me rather – to write a well-thought-out piece.

Number three is your attitude of being a “perfect” writer. Sure, there are a gazillion more impeccable writers than you, but to each his own. They have their own voice and yours is unique. They may learn from you, too. And who cares if the 10 people out of one thousand readers don’t agree with you? Take it as a lesson for you to improve and better your writing skills.

Personally, if I need to overcome it, I go out of the house and work outside. But honestly, it’s expensive for me and at the same time, I could only write so much.

So, let me cut to the chase and share with you, the movies that genuinely helped me overcome my writer’s block!

1. Dead Poet’s Society

This movie is probably on your list, too. This movie had helped me get rid of the word “very” and use other terms instead. This clip perfectly demonstrated how writing is fun and just all about expressing yourself. All you need is courage to write and to share your thoughts with everyone! Carpe Diem!

2. Finding Forrester

“You must write your first draft with your heart. Rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is… not to think, but to write!” – is probably the best advice I’ve ever heard. Hasn’t this been true for you? Thinking of what to write is a given, but how we organize our words and thoughts are the hardest. I believe that everyone has an “author” in him/her.

3. Freedom Writers

This movie hit is truly inspiring. I got declined several times but because of the people who believed in me, my dream (of being a writer) came true. Sometimes, you just need that ONE person to believe in you. To help you unleash your writing skills. Consider this old woman assuring you that your writing has the power to “turn on a small light in a dark room.”

4. Adaptation

Sometimes we think every writer has already written the evergreen articles like the “how to’s” and listicles of top restaurants in the world, but who cares, if they have? There’s still more that you could actually share. For instance, only a few have written opinionated articles about politics, sex, teenage pregnancy, and more! Our society is hungry for change, so are you.

5. The Rewrite

This story was about a washed-up screenwriter who won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay in 1998. He accepted a teaching job and met a lady who taught him how to rekindle his first love – screenwriting. In this world full of hate, we need that special someone to inspire and motivate us to do our best.

If writing is your passion, you really cannot stop. If you stop, then it wasn’t called a passion from the get go.

If you’re not fond of watching movies, perhaps, you could overcome it by rekindling the things you love doing like cooking, baking, chatting with friends, or even traveling. If you need to get away from the limelight, go ahead.

Do what you must.

Hopefully, these movies helped you get out of that “rut.”

How about you, what movie helped you get out of that “creative rut?”