BODHI: A One-Stop Shop for Mind and Body in La Bella Tagaytay

Everyone is always on the go in Manila and we rarely pump the breaks to smell the flowers and just enjoy the things that take our breath away.

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One important reason why I love doing Yoga is the flexibility for me to rethink and reassess life. It prevents me from going postal! 🙂

However, drastic change of lifestyle like deciding to work from home is a life-changing event. It’s not something you can decide overnight. It’s basically, modifying your lifestyle that will affect you and the people around you.

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Most often than not, reading a book is the fastest and effective way to keep me sane.

According to studies, while working from home sounds ideal and can alleviate other problems such as commuting, money, among other things, it could intensify mental and physical stress, which I absolutely agree.

Luckily, there are one-stop shops/places that are perfect for retreat and enlightenment in Tagaytay City.

Therefore, a trip to a library would suffice. As fate would have it, I found a gem of a public library in Tagaytay!

Almost a thousand books from the personal collection of the owner are available on hand. Some were donated by her close friends which account for the variety of topics in this unusual library. There are rare books whose original publication dates back to the 1900s, thus making it an Antiquarian bookstore.

This public library is located inside La Bella properties in Tagaytay called BODHI Mind & Body Shop.

BODHI Mind and body Tagaytay

The word Bodhi is derived from the name of a tree, Bodhi Tree where Gautama Siddharta, now known as Buddha, had his “enlightenment”. This important value in life is the essence of Bodhi Shop, the newest shop for the mind and body in Tagaytay.

The bookshop is located on the second floor along with some artworks painted by different artists.

BODHI tagaytay shop

Essentially, Bodhi Shop attracts those who seek an easier pathway towards their time travel to their inner selves to find the perfection inherent in all human souls.

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They sell these items that are perfect for meditation. The picture on the left side is an oil you could use to ease chest or heart pains while the other one is a spray for meditation use.

bodhi shop tagaytay

Some popular items such as soaps made of pure essential oils, blended with goat’s milk and combined with herbs like fennel, cedar, patchouli, poppyseed, charcoal, and vinegar (which turns your body alkaline) are also available here.

Furthermore, you will also find nutritional foods – organic, raw, gluten-free and non-GMO superfoods -that you can sprinkle on cereals, ice cream or any food that lack the minerals, hormones, and enzymes needed for vitality and longevity.

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Gluten free items, along with cutting carbohydrates, and having an active lifestyle, help some people lose weight.

Admittedly, I rarely have my me-time or read a book to keep me sane. In fact, I don’t even know the meaning of “sane” anymore! Nonetheless, I need to go out and discover places such as this to save my sanity.

Now that I have a family of my own, my perspective of enlightenment has changed. I am now more generous with time and I make sure I am present, although, I work from home.

Ultimately, Bodhi Mind & Body Shop is a solemn and relaxing place for anyone who needs serenity and be enlightened.

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BODHI: Mind & Body Shop

La Bella Market Village, Brgy. Neogan, Tagaytay City, Philippines