LOOK: ENT Surgeon Made a Vibrant Metal Sculpture of Saint Augustine

One thing I love about featuring establishments is I get to know more about the owners. Do you remember the article we shared about a must-try burger and burrito joint in Tagaytay named The Red Bus?

You don’t remember? Okay, let me refresh your memory with this sumptuous Burger.

Red Bus tagaytay

Remember, now? Perfect! It’s a weekend, so try and visit their place soon! Read our full review here.

Anyhow, I was given a chance to see him again and this time, to interview him for an article I am writing about common diseases this summer. However, I was amazed by what I discovered.

He isn’t only an Ear, Nose, Throat, Head, and Neck surgeon, subspecializing in Cosmetic Surgery, he is also a local passionate artist.

Dr Jose San Agustin sculpture

An exquisitely hulking 7ft tall metal San Agustin, by Dr. Josè Josè. He said he paints and does metal sculpture pieces during his downtime.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jates (or Jose) narrated to me the story about his recent masterpiece. He said that Saint Augustine was born in a rich, affluent family. His mother was a Saint (Monica) while his father was a pagan. His life was full of extreme conflicts- ranging from mind-wasted drunkenness to intense philosophical intelligence, a carefree lustful party animal to a deeply religious, celibate figure of the Catholic Church. He fell deeply in love with a prostitute as a young man, bore her a child.

Admittedly, I was curious to know why Saint Augustine. So,  I asked him what motivated him to create a sculpture of someone who is a patron saint of beer and brewers?

He answered: “At age 30, at the depth of his despair with his perceived meaningless existence, Saint Augustine came to a complete 180-degree turn in his way of life. Which I think is similar to my life.”

Dr, Jates with Saint Augustine

Dr. Jose with his masterpiece named: “Saint Augustine’s Conflict”

Dr jates metal sculptor

Furthermore, he shared: “most interestingly for me is that apart from the drama of his life that got him elected as a Patron Saint of beer and brewers, he started writing doctrines that will someday be vital in the Church’s philosophy. For that, Viva San Agustin!”

Truly, a fascinating moment to know that apart from his passion for curing people, he also wants to encourage people to continue pursuing their passion.

Thank you, Doc for sharing with us your amazing talent in metal sculpture.

By the way, if you want to visit or check out his commissioned piece, it will be installed at their Natural Healing Spring called “Bagong Tubig” in Mendez, Cavite, an obscure little town right next to Tagaytay City.

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