7 Inspiring Quotes from the Creative Entrepreneurship Summit – Where Passion and Profit Meet

7 Inspiring Quotes from the Creative Entrepreneurship Summit – Where Passion and Profit Meet


Writer’s Block Philippines, founded by Anna and Nikki, recently concluded another successful event about how pursuing your passion can eventually give you financial freedom. At the event, they mentioned that the greatest misconception for some creative people is that they don’t have entrepreneurial sense – which these two women disagree, make it three. 


Creative Entrep Summit

 Anna used to work as an Assistant Vice President of a financial institution to pursue a career as a writer. Photo courtesy of May of the fullyhousewifed.com


I strongly disagree because I know that everyone is creative – some just have to get out of their comfort zone. Just look at Steven Spielberg, Albert Einstein and Amelia Earhart, all creative people who fulfilled their passion, perfected their craft, and turned them into legacies. 


Vince of WhenInManila

 Our very own, Vince, sharing his insights during the event. Photo courtesy of May of the fullyhousewifed.com


Just when I thought I already knew everything about pursuing passion, listening to these speakers of the Creative Entrepreneurship Summit opened a new horizon of ideas in earning creatively. Here are some inspiring yet funny quotes that can take us one step closer to success if taken seriously.


 7 Inspiring Quotes from the Creative Entrepreneurship Summit


7. “There’s no charity in business.”

Have you heard of this before? I am certain you have!

Collaborative-coffee shop owner and Social Media mogul Ros (short for Rosario) Juan expressed that “money may not be the driver but it has to be sustainable.” Hasn’t this been true for you? Sure, there are certain things that can be done in exchange for a good deal, but I am sure your skills are not free. You didn’t finish school just to work for free, did you? However, you have to back it up with superb skills to get paid what you’re worth. 


Ros Juan of Commune

 She also mentioned: “mind your manners and prioritize your values.”  It actually goes hand in hand, right? Photo courtesy of Nhessie of rolledin2onemom.com.


6. “Complacency is never an option.”

“Do not quit your day job,” said RJ Ledesma, a dad of all trades. Whatever he achieved in his lifetime didn’t happen in an instant. He worked hard, if not harder, to achieve them. Being a multi-awarded host, author, columnist, among other things, he believes that being practical still remains the important ingredient in pursuing our passion. He said to use the funds to find your voice. Darlyn Ty and Michael Josh Villanueva, a multimedia journalist, also believe in this quote, especially when they were just starting up.


Michael Josh Villanueva


Setting up a business is not a walk in the park. You must have knowledge, money, and especially, time. Know the parameters and don’t jump the gun just yet. Read and learn to be more equipped.


5. “Make love not war.”

A quote always used as an example but hardly practiced.

Darlyn of BDJ, whose passion is to create her own planner, gave everyone a chance to enjoy the freedom of planning by introducing the Belle De Jour planner. Her story is inspiring and relatively timely for what’s happening in the social media world. She once met someone who copied her ideas and this made her extremely furious. Rather than being reactive, though, she chose to be creative. She used the experience as a way to make the planners more personalized. Since then, more women (including me) get empowered with good vibes and positivity found in each BDJ planner.


Be an encourager


4. “Manage people well, but manage yourself better.”

This is for the people who have a lot of titles under their name. Too many titles, you don’t even know which one to portray anymore. Remember, the first person you deal with is yourself. If you are able to fix your attitude, then you can manage people well.


3. “Don’t just learn from other’s successful stories; learn from their failures, too.”

When I was listening to the speakers, I told myself this is too good to be true. However, when I started hearing about their failures, I said: “Thank God they’re human!”  Bound to make mistakes and can turn the tables just like that. It’s not about how many times you fall; it’s about how fast you can get back up.


BDJDarlyn’s story in pursuing her passion wasn’t an easy task, however, she believed that everything is possible. Photo courtesy of Nhessie of rolledin2onemom.com.


2. “It’s not who you know; it’s who knows you.”

Vince Golangco, Founder of WhenInManila.com, used this quote as an example of how you can effectively brand yourself online. He explained that pursuing your passion would eventually be beneficial one way or another.

Nobody said it would be easy, right? With a lot of creative people around the world, all of them unique, you must be able to know what sets you apart from them and how you would want to be known and remembered. 

1.“ Live your life to the fullest.”

This quote sums it all up.  I heard this once or twice during the event. As what Vince said, take one step at a time and do not focus on numbers. Instead, think about your abilities and about you will achieve your goal. Vince left us with 10 simple yet meaningful tips on how to become a better writer:

Step 1: Start writing. 

Steps 2-10: Keep writing.  


Vince of WIM

Makes sense, right?  Photo courtesy of May of fullyhousewifed.com

I may not be as famous as these people are, but I’d like to share with you one quote that has been relevant to me:  “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” – Anton Chekhov


If you want to know more about Writer’s Block Philippines’ upcoming events, please visit their website.

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7 Inspiring Quotes from the Creative Entrepreneurship Summit – Where Passion and Profit Meet