The Red Bus Mobile Diner: A Must-Try Burrito and Burger Joint in Tagaytay

Tagaytay is every Filipino’s go-to place to escape from reality. In fact, a Balikbayans’ stay wouldn’t be complete without swinging by Tagaytay and explore the famous spots like the Picnic Grove, People’s Park, Sky Ranch, and other awesome sceneries and places. Even so, the locals love dropping by as it has flourished from a humble tourist spot to an awesome food destination.

Red Bus: A Must-Try Burrito and Burger Joint in Tagaytay

Red Bus Tagaytay

Red Bus is located along Mendez Road and in front of Shell and Petron gas stations. They offer Gourmet Burgers, Burritos, Tacos, Fajitas, Milkshakes Tex-Mex cuisine in a Nostalgic diner- style theme. Antiques, Vintage, and repurposed novelties.

This awesome burger and burrito joint is owned by two lovely doctors, Dr. Jose (ENT Surgeon) and his lovely wife, who is a Dermatologist. Surprisingly, Doc Jose’s passion is cooking. Although, he is practicing medicine, his passion in flipping burgers and making burritos brought him to put up a business like this.

Red Bus Tagaytay

Doc Jose is a jack of all trades: he is a car enthusiast and sculptor. He also has a knack in interior designing. Ideally, he thought of ‘Red Bus’ as the business name as ‘red’ signifies pioneering spirit and leadership qualities.

Red Bus Tagaytay

An impromptu drawing session with Doc Jose.

Red Bus Tagaytay Burger Burrito

Initially, he really wanted a food truck. However, the city doesn’t permit it as yet, so they decided to rent a place where people can dine in and chill. I love how he demonstrates his enthusiasm with cars through his interiors.

Red Bus tagaytay burrito

They also cater to parties but only within Tagaytay area. This is the continuation of their kitchen. Isn’t it lovely?

So, why did we decide to swing by this place? Well, we love to eat and discover hole-in-the-wall authentic Mexican places. Even though, we aren’t Mexicans, it’s the fulfilling experience of finding an authentic mom and pop store, that are relatively decent as well.

Since, we were already in Tagaytay, we decided to try them as we’ve been hearing positive reviews from other people, even celebrities.

Doc Jose was proud to share that Sir Chito Miranda himself, loved their burgers, too!

Therefore, we didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

So we scurried on over, for a quick bite, from our hotel to Red Bus. And, we’re glad we let our taste buds do the thinking!

Red Bus Tagaytay Burger

One of the burgers we tried was the Triple Cheese Burger with healthy potato chips. I also thought the burger was too big for me, but no! I finished it too, even when I was still full! This burger will keep you salivating!

Red Bus tagaytay burger

Their way of melting the cheese.


Red Bus tagaytay

Here’s a closer look of my Triple Cheese Burger. Looks enticing, doesn’t it? This is P175, not bad for an authentic burger and serving size.

Red Bus Tagaytay Burrito

Sure there’s a lot of Burrito spots in Manila, but Red Bus’ version of Ground Beef Burrito, was ridiculously delicious! We seriously thought Doc Jose was part Mexican or something, as the flavors of cilantro, herbs, spices, tomatoes, complimented well. According to Doc, their salsa is homemade and has 18 special ingredients.

Red bus Tagaytay burger

Red Bus in Tagaytay is a kid-friendly place, too! They had Milkshakes, but in this picture, they were also trying our Blue lemonade and Red Iced Tea. (Hello, sugar rush!) Oh, the kids had a Simple Cheeseburger. 🙂

Ultimately, people love to explore places such as Tagaytay. Apart from its inviting cool weather, it is a spot perfect for families, friends, and even lovers to discover places together. With approximately 1 million tourists (not to mention locals) visit Tagaytay, you must try (and support) hole-in-the-wall places such as Red Bus.  Therefore, if you’re looking for an authentic burger and burrito place that gives more bang for your buck, Red Bus is by far, the best in Tagaytay.

The Red Bus Mobile Diner

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