View Park Hotel and the Beauty of Doing Nothing

I am no expert in designing spaces, but I am quite convinced that certain places elicit certain vibes in people. Some places are full of energy; some places contain all the makings of a fun night out; and then there are discreetly designed places that allow you to just savor the moment as what most Italians describe as the leisure derived from dolce far niente (the art of doing nothing). These places are few and far in between, and worth a drive.

Staying in places like View Park Hotel provides such an experience. It’s like standing still at the balcony of a picturesque hall and while it shows you the structure’s reflection, it also reflects your being at that very precise moment.



It then beckons you to come closer and see what’s beyond its mysterious and inviting aura.


Before you fully get sucked into the vortex of your thoughts, though, you will get jolted back to reality warmly by the ultra caring staff of View Park Hotel who will check on you and assist you over and above what you can expect from most people in the service industry. For the rest of the time, though, you can just safely swim in your thoughts and wade in the 5-foot pool by the garden while you’re at it.

View Park Hotel Tagaytay

You can also take your chance to ditch all restricting diets for a weekend or a few days and succumb to the delicious delicacies offered by the Red Lemon Grill at View Park Hotel.


Our top picks for a lunch meal would be the sumptous grilled bulalo and tawilis appetizers. For dinner with a group of friends, you can opt for gambas, traditional style bulalo, and pinakbet. The Italian soda or coffee can serve as the perfect ending for such gastronomic delights.


View Park Hotel is also a good venue for catching up on lost sleep, for slowing down, for getting out of the hustle of the urban demands of life, and for leaving all your cares by the door to rejuvenate yourself. If you are too hung up with stress to enjoy the bed, there is a spa facility at the ground floor and some massage packages that you can consider.


Once you are once again ready at a time of your choosing, you can sit and enjoy the Tagaytay air on any of the cozy places around the hotel for a brief and relaxing chat.


While you enjoy all of this, you do not have to fret or feel guilty for having such a good and relaxing time, either.

Even for just a day, let the world’s problems deal with itself and have your fun. For most days, it’s an ascent. Often, it’s a steep climb at work and in your personal life and everywhere else. You do that, but while on vacation, View Park Hotel makes sure that you keep your sanity checks in between these necessary hikes through life.

Contrary to the belief that you have to keep moving to stay progressive, sometimes, as one genius (the founder of WordPress,) quite aptly put it, you can just hang in there and “slow down to go further” with a vacation that you truly deserve.

Surprisingly, you will find that the art and beauty of doing nothing are highly valuable and worth taking.

View Park Hotel Tagaytay

3500 Calamba Road, Sungay East, Tagaytay City


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