My 10 Inspiring Movies about Faith, Family, Love, and Leadership

The APEC week is finally over. Everything is back to normal now and reality begins today, at least for me.

Everyone in Manila is probably back in doing mundane tasks. And, if we feel like we’re stuck in a rut, we tend to blame everything! We fault-find and often say: “life is unfair and full of uncertainties.”

Well, you’re not alone. I’m the same way, too: I breakdown, I fault-find, and I easily give up on things that don’t go my way.


Luckily, there are movies (aside from my family) I can lean on, every time I need inspiration. Sometimes, it takes a movie (or tragedy) to inspire us to restore our faith; pay attention to our families; display unconditional love, and admire the people who lead us at work and country.

Let’s get to know these movies, shall we?

My 10 Inspiring Movies about Faith, Family, Love, and Leadership


1. Stand Strong 

I’m not a hardcore religious person, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a steadfast faith. The first movie I’m going to share is about a family who measures success by earning a lot and owning luxurious items. Hence, they eventually went bankrupt. The family’s faith was shaken and had no choice but to Stand Strong for each other.

2. Heaven is For Real

A movie based on a 2010 best-seller book written by Todd Burpo, Heaven is for Real, is about a little boy’s inspiring journey to heaven when he encountered a near death experience. Although, the movie received mixed reactions from other religions, it was nevertheless, inspiring.


3. Click 

Click, is an eye-opener for me. This movie resonates our generation – since the quality of life is different now, it seems like work is more important than family. We thought providing material things to our children would replace the lost time – NO. Spend time with your family. Make great memories happen. Because, family comes first.

4. The Blind Side

This movie is extremely inspiring. So, inspiring that I can watch it all the time. I love the story, as it’s not easy to welcome a complete stranger at home. Oftentimes, we are hesitant to help someone in need, regardless if we know the person or not. This movie will change your perception about what family and equality really mean. It demonstrates the true meaning of “unconditional love.”

5. Pursuit of Happyness

Have you ever been in a situation where nothing was going your way? Well, I have! This movie reminds us, not to give up on our dreams. Pursuit of Happyness is a movie that will inspire you to become a better person.


6. The Time Traveler’s Wife

The film was based on a story from the award-winning novel written by Audrey Niffenegger. This movie will help you love unconditionally and that true love exists.

7. Million Dollar Baby

Any movie that is directed by Clint Eastwood, expect it to be spectacular. Just like this movie, Million Dollar Baby, is a reflection of a genuine love of a mentor to a person whose determination to learn is exceptional. This movie is perfect for coaches, mentors, and alike.


8. When The Game Stands Tall

A very inspirational movie for someone who leads a team or country. We need leaders who can cultivate people to do better and give inspirational talks and insights for us to be united and do better at something.

Conversely, this movie will give you hope that it’s never too late to achieve your goals.

9. Lone Survivor

I think every leader in our country should watch this movie, Lone Survivor. It was based on a true story, Lone Survivor is exceptionally inspiring. Brotherhood at its finest. We need to be united, regardless if our government makes mistakes. Everyone commits mistakes. Everyone.

10. McFarland 

Sometimes, it takes one to believe in you. And, that someone is a great leader who can mold you to become a better person. This film, which is also based on a true story, will get you inspired and hope that all mentors and leaders are like the coach in this movie. He didn’t have any experience in running a team, but he had the heart to help them succeed.

Sometimes, all we need is just a dose of inspiration to get through the day. Remember, the devil works harder when he knows you have something better coming up. So, stand strong and everything will be fine.

How about you, what movie inspired your life the most? Share them by leaving a comment below! 🙂