#APEC2015: 5 Moments That Made The Summit a Remarkable One

Wow, where did the days go? We were just sharing thoughts about the horrendous traffic and now we are going to bid farewell to the #APEC leaders.

APEC Leaders

The photo was originally posted at the Prime Minister’s Office of Japan Facebook page with a heartwarming caption:

Message from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe:
I am now visiting Manila in the Philippines to participate in the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Economic Leaders’ Meeting.
At the dinner banquet hosted by President Aquino, President Obama, my wife, and I had a commemorative photo taken. We are wearing Barong Tagalog, the ethnic costume of the Philippines.

Well, since it’s Friday today, let’s have a quick flashback on the highlights of the remarkable five-day leadership event!

5. #APEC brought out the ‘good samaritans’ in us.

I must admit, that being hospitable is already given for most Filipinos. In fact, it was demonstrated during this week. In another article written on our site, a netizen shared his wonderful story about a driver, who offered a ride to stranded people.

good samaritan

Read the full story here: Motorist Shares Car To Stranded Commuters During APEC week.

4. #APECtado Motorists

APECtado motorists

This was taken during the first day of the #APEC event. People were stranded for hours and others walked hundreds of kilometers just to arrive home or work safely. The traffic, however, has always been the biggest problem in the Philippines.

Beijing APEC

Apparently, Beijing, China, experiences traffic, too.

3. #APECFail Memes

Filipinos are known to be jolly and happy-go-lucky people. Even if we are already mad at the world, we find ways to make the sorrowful incident into a whimsical one!

APECfail meme

APECfail meme 2

Although, these memes could be half-meant.

walking deadsa

This, for me, is the funniest! 🙂

2. #APEC showed us that we are just human, after all.

Captain Sibala with Obama

Who would’ve thought, that what is considered the most powerful leader in the world, US President Obama was game to do the pabebe wave?

Whether he really did the phenomenal wave or not, the reason behind this gesture is compelling – to call people’s attention to help Philippine Navy Captain, Vincent Sibala, together with his crew, raise funds to help repair one of the buildings of Gregorio Del Pilar Elementary School.

The photo indeed caught everyone’s attention but hopefully, they will focus on the reason behind it.

1. #APECHottie

Everyone’s thoughts about the road closures, traffic, and uncertainties in life went out the window when these two good-looking men arrived in Manila!

APEC Hottie Wore barong tagalog

Who do you think wore it better? Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto? Honestly, these two dapper leaders looked good on our national costume, Barong Tagalog, don’t you think?

Obama wore barong tagalog

Obama, on the other hand, is a certified #APEChottie too!

The brilliant designer, Paul Cabral, was the man behind this beautiful masterpiece. What made these barong shirts even more special, Paul embroidered each with symbols of our country, which took him 4 months to finish everything.

Extremely, fascinating!

Anyhow, I’m glad that through APEC we were able to distinguish how important it is to put “fun” in everything! After all, life is too short to be taken seriously.

How about you, if you were to contribute a solution to better the APEC Summit next year, what would it be? Share your answers below!