Netizen Meets ‘Good Samaritan’ in Public Bus

Netizen Meets 'Good Samaritan' in Public Bus


We’re so used to negative posts on social media that when someone actually does something nice, we’re surprised. But if you look hard enough, you’ll find a genuinely good person who is a blessing in disguise.

This story shared by Patrick V. is quite the opposite. He found his good samaritan not by looking hard, but through luck. He shared this story on Facebook last year, but is quickly becoming viral now:


At around 7 am, I rode a bus going to SM Fairview when I realized my wallet was missing. Knowing that I’ll be unable to pay for my fare, I immediately told the bus conductor to drop me at the nearest gas station. 


Just when he was ready to get off the bus, this happened:


It was raining hard. “Sige, hayaan mo nalang muna,” he replied. (Alright, don’t worry about it for now.) 

When he finished issuing tickets, he returned to sit beside me and asked: “Saan ba nawala? Uso talaga ang dukotan ngayon lalo na’t mahirap kumita ng pera.” (Where did you lose it? Robbery is rampant nowadays especially because it’s hard to earn money.) 


Then the story gets even more heartwarming:

I was surprised when he handed over 50 pesos. “Ito oh. Pang backup mo. Sigurado zero ka n’yan. Balik mo nalang pag nagkita tayo.” (Here. Use this for backup. I’m sure you have nothing left on you now. Return it to me when we see each other.)

When I refused to accept his offer, he said “Kapag di mo tinanggap ‘to, sisingilin kita sa pamasahe. Magkikita pa tayo. Liit lang ng Maynila.” (If you refuse to accept this, I will ask you to pay. We’ll see each other again. Manila is small.)


After the incident, Patrick realized that Filipinos are genuinely helpful and that everyone can be a blessing to anyone. He identified the conductor as Agusto Liwanag of Mannrose Liner.


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