5 Lash Extension Mistakes You Might Be Guilty Of


5 Lash Extension Mistakes You Might Be Guilty Of



Have you tried getting your lashes done at a salon, spending more than Php1,000 only for them to sting, poke, itch, and make your eyelids balm in less than a week? Maybe you’re doing it wrong. Maybe you’re doing these 5 lash extension mistakes that you didn’t know you were making. 


I was invited by Lash Wishes to try their eyelash extensions and I was really hesitant. However, I had visited their partner Waxing Salon, Bare Skin Waxing Studio, before, so I decided to give them a try. I’ve already tried several lash extensions salon before and each time was painful. Who here has experienced stings during an application where the lash extensions technician would carefully fan your eyes that were already drowning in tears? T_T  


I thought about it hard – 2 weeks. I finally gave in to the temptation of waking up in the morning looking gorgeous with doll-like lashes even without makeup because we were going swimming. I wanted to look nice while soaking wet and even without makeup! I had my lash extensions done at Lash Wishes Salon and they have really good lash technicians. It was basically pain- and sting-free and the lashes they used consisted of natural hair, so they were light and airy on my small lids.


 Whew, the process took 1 whole hour.

Now how do we take care of our lash extensions?


5 Lash Extension Mistakes You Might Be Guilty Of


5. Wetting your lashes within 12 hours

The glue needs more time to dry completely. Wetting your lashes within 12 hours will weaken the glue that holds your original lashes and your lash extensions together.

4. Using an eyelash curler on your lash extensions

Why?! Why?! Doing this will simply separate your lash extensions from your real lashes. You don’t need to curl your eyelashes if you had extensions done because they’re already naturally lifted.

3. Rubbing your eyes and playing with your lashes

I was guilty of this at one point in time. I had the habit of twisting my lash extensions around when I was bored. The result? The extensions poked my eye and made my real lashes fall off.

2. Going to a sauna or steam bath

I saw girls going into a steam bath with their lash extensions on and it wasn’t a pretty sight. The heat from the sauna or steam will make the lash-glue weaker.

1. Sleeping face down

This one is hard, I know, especially if it’s already been a habit. However, this 5th one is forgiveable because I can imagine sleeping face up and waking up face down without me noticing.



There you go. Let’s cross our fingers not to make these mistakes on our lashes and wish our lashes (fake or not) a long life.



Lash Wishes Studio


Cinderella Basement, Glorietta 3, Makati



5 Lash Extension Mistakes You Might Be Guilty Of


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