5 Artists You Probably Didn’t Know Kehlani Worked With

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Renowned collaborations are millennial rites’ of passage for up-and-coming music artists. For Kehlani, these collaborations are what people from other fandoms recognize her for. Any fan of hers, old or new, must not miss out on these collaborations.

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If you have been a fan of Kehlani as early as her Cloud 19 mixtape era or even as early as her performances on America’s Got Talent, I’m sure you can vouch for how talented the songstress is. I personally became a bigger fan after she realeased her most recent LP, SweetSexySavage, and by the end of the album, I found myself wondering, “I wonder if she has worked with other artists, too.” Here are some collaborations I found that I am certain you’ll be looking forward to listening.

5 Artists You Probably Didn’t Know Kehlani Worked With

5. Cardi B (“Ring” by Cardi B feat. Kehlani)

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Cardi B and Kehlani collaborated in Cardi’s first album in Invasion of Privacy on a song called “Ring”. The song’s hook features Kehlani’s vocals, and it goes like this: You don’t hit my line no more, oh, oh. You don’t make it ring, ring, ring. But “Ring” is not a song about telephones; it tackles these two women’s doubts on their partner’s interest. Granted, these two: the SweetSexySavage and the rapper with “no filter attitude” vibe in interest and in roots.

This is why their collaboration sounds great: it rings a soft call in your ears. Unfortunately, Cardi and Kehlani haven’t had the chance to perform this song live yet, so you won’t see any videos of them performing the song. Who knows? Maybe Kehlani will play the song during her concert at The Island!

4. G-Eazy (“Good Life” by G-Eazy & Kehlani)

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Any fans of the The Fast and Furious franchise here? Kehlani actually made one of the catchiest jams for the whole movie series entitled “Good Life” with G-Eazy. The song was a monumental hit in a bunch of countries, and the song was probably on your playlist, too. Gerald Early Gillum, aka G-Eazy, certainly have good chemistry as they sing about what living a good life is like.

3. Chance the Rapper (“The Way” by Kehlani feat Chance The Rapper)

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This one is probably my favorite song from Kehlani’s first album, You Should Be Here. Not all Kehlani fans know about her collaboration with Chance the Rapper. “It’s the way you walk, the way you talk, babe.” Have you seen the music video for this song!? Kehlani has freaking abs! Even Chance the Rapper shows his sexy side in this one.

2. Nick Cannon

In her 2017 Billboard interview, Kehlani states, “Nick Cannon is literally the reason why I’m here right now.” While Kehlani does not have a song out with Mr. Cannon, she was able to  find her path to stardom thanks to his kickstart. After her group stint on America’s Got Talent (she really competed in the show!!), things were a little foggy in terms of finding personal and career stability. Luckily, Nick bumped into Kehlani and made her sign with his record label. Needless to say, he helped in building the foreground for the SweetSexySavage we know now.

1. Charlie Puth (“Done for Me” by Charlie Puth feat. 5rKehlani & “Hotline Bling”)

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Have you guys heard their cover of Hotline Bling? If you haven’t, look for it and listen to it now! With both artists’ fanbase asking them to collaborate on another song (one that’s not a cover), they grant this wish in Charlie Puth’s most recent album Voicenotes with a groovy bop called Done for Me. Honestly, they’re both crushie material. They really know how to make things steamy, am I right?

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