42nd Davis: Filipino Owned Restaurant in Hong Kong

Hong Kong food scene is as overwhelming as its diverse and vibrant culture and one of the rapidly growing food hubs in the city is the neighborhood of Kennedy Town, a suburb not too far away from Central.

As my friend and I were walking down Davis Street in K-Town, we’ve spotted a charming restaurant aptly called 42nd Davis. Its rustic interior and affordable set lunch on offer by the time we came by appealed to us, so we gave it a try.

Little did we know that the this restaurant is Filipino owned, until one of the staff members, Ms. Marie, asked us, while taking our orders, if we’re from the Philippines (she probably heard we were conversing in Filipino) and we said yes. She told us she’s a Filipina too and eventually introduced us to the owners, Sir Roy Ocampo and Sir Roy San Antonio.



The restaurant’s menu is a fusion of American and Italian food. They offer pastas, burgers, baby back ribs, homemade sausages, brick oven pizzas and other dishes that will surely fill your hungry tummy.  Whether you are looking for something to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they have something to offer.

Our dining experience started with a bowl of hearty and creamy mushroom soup, perfect for then Hong Kong’s February winter weather, followed by a bowl of garden-fresh salad for the entree.



Mushroom Soup


42nd Davis uses the freshest ingridient from local suppliers to ensure the quality of their food



To commence our carb-loaded lunch, in which we cannot complain for everything was palate-pleasing, salmon risotto was served on our table; rice perfectly cooked, rich, and flavorful. We’ve also sampled their creamy carbonara and  brick oven pizza. Their main dishes are utterly filling and each serving is good for 2 people.




Salmon Risotto




Brick Oven Pizza

Let’s get down to their desserts. Though we were can’t-stand-from-our-seats full by the time our desserts were served, we couldn’t say no to their eye-candy sweets. When frutti di bosco millifoglie and their homemade tiramisu landed on our table, we were too hesitant to devour them just because they are too beautiful to eat. But after taking a few snaps of their Instagram-worthy desserts, we bolted them down until the last finger-licking cream.




Frutti Di Bosco Millifoglie


Homemade Tiramisu

The brass lights hanging from the ceiling, cushioned yellow seats, wooden chairs and tables, and other interesting adornments absolutely make this joint fetching. I especially love their huge windows where you can see people and trams passing by. The mix up of modern rustic and industrial interior design emanates a romantic feel to this casual dining place making it a perfect spot for a lunch date or a romantic dinner.




Modern Rustic and Industrial Interior Design of 42nd Davis


Love their wide windows which add drama to the entire interior





42nd Davis also serves wine and coffee. They also offer some beers from the Philippines.


A lot of couples came in for lunch

Apart from good food and adorable interior, what set 42nd Davis apart from the other eating place we’ve been to in Hong Kong is the distinct warmth it exudes. The staff exhibited the hospitality that is expected from a Filipino service. I couldn’t be any happier and prouder for these guys and the rest of the Filipinos who showcase their brilliance in their own respective fields outside our country. Truly, Pinoys can shine anywhere in the world.




The awesome people behind 42nd Davis! L to R: Roy Ocampo, Roy Antonio, Marie Suarez Ng, and Rogus Solis

If you want a laid back dining experience WhenInHongKong, I highly recommend going to K-Town and visit 42nd Davis. It is just a stone’s throw away from MTR Kennedy Town station.



42nd Davis 

G/F, 5 Sincere Western House, 42 Davis Street, 00852

Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

+852 3956 4325