4 Times GFRIEND was Shocked by How Passionate Filipino Fans are When It Comes to K-Pop


Buddies (GFRIEND’s fans) may have waited a week longer to meet the girls, but that definitely didn’t stop them from showing their full support for Sowon, SinB, Eunha, Yuju, Yerin, and Umji during the Manila leg of “Season of GFRIEND” held at the KIA Theatre.

Here’s how their fans proved that they could pretty much be qualified to be some of the best Buddies in the world:

4 Times GFRIEND was Shocked by How Passionate Filipino Fans are When It Comes to K-Pop


4. When the crowd decided to sing along to their songs rather than do normal fan chants.

In Korea, fan chants are usually done to cheer on the performers on stage. Fan chants are composed of either a certain part of the songs’ lyrics, the group’s name, or anything that could be considered as a reply to the song being performed. The girls were in awe when the audience just sang the songs with them, showing that despite the difference in language, their Filipino fans still know the lyrics to their tracks.

The girls performed their hits such as “Glass Bead,” “Rough,” “Naverilla,” “Fingertip,” “Me Gustas Tu,” “Summer Rain,” “Love Whisper,” and “Rainbow,” among others.


3. When they knew the words to SinB’s cover of BoA’s 2002 song “No. 1.”

Aside from their usual group songs, the girls also individually performed during “solo stages.” Sowon covered popular track “Gashina” by Sunmi, Umji tweaked IU’s “Twenty-Three” and used her actual age “Twenty-One” instead, Yerin danced along Lee Hyori’s “U Go Girl,” Yuju showed off her vocal prowess as she sang “Heaven” by Ailee, the cute Eunha performed a sexy cover of Gain’s song “Bloom,” while SinB did her own rendition of BoA’s 2002 song “No. 1.”

SinB was surprised when she heard fans sing the song with her. She explained that in other countries, even in Korea, the song isn’t well-known to young Buddies since it was released 16 years ago. Here in the Philippines, however, the crowd were able to sing or hum along with her.

2. When they came down from the stage.

GFRIEND’s fans are passionate yet polite.

When the girls came down from the stage to personally greet their fans, the reaction from the crowd was overwhelming, yet they still made sure not to get too close to ensure the girls’ safety. GFRIEND, in exchange, went around to say “hi,” take photos with their fans’ phones, and even accept gifts given to them.


1. The loud cheers during their red carpet event.

The girls are always thankful for the warm welcome they get from their Filipino Buddies. And the loud cheers during their red carpet event at Novotel proved the “passionate energy” that GFRIEND is grateful for.

BONUS: Here’s how they surprised us: the girls also know a bit about the Philippines!

SinB would like to do an acoustic collaboration with Filipino artist Moira dela Torre, if given the chance. Yerin shocked their fans with her Tagalog skills by saying “mahal kita,” “kumusta,” and “salamat.” She also shared that she wants to try the Pinoy dessert “toron.”

We hope that all the girls can finally try “toron” when they visit the Philippines next time!