15 Random Fun and Affordable Things To Do with Your Friends

15 Fun and Cheap Things To Do with Your Friends


15 Fun and Cheap Things To Do with Your Friends

Friends are some of life’s greatest gifts. Sometimes it’s enough to just have them by your side and not do anything. Most of the time, however, you’re all bored to your wits and would rather do something different for a change but it always seems hard to squeeze things into your budget. Well, look no further for here are some fun and cheap activities you can do with your barkada that will surely make you look forward to every meeting with them!


15 Fun and Cheap Things To Do with Your Friends


1. Have a picnic in a park. Or just hang out in a park and enjoy each other’s company. This is for those who are interested in a more laidback afternoon. Watch as the sun slowly meets the horizon and gives you the view of a lifetime. You’ll learn that it doesn’t take much to make great memories.

2.Visit a museum near you. Going to museums is an effective way to give you and your friends a new perspective in life. See some really cool pieces of art and enjoy a comfortably quiet day with your friends. Learn to appreciate art and share your interpretations with one another. You can always check our other articles for museums near you.

15 Fun and Cheap Things To Do with Your FriendsTaken at Museo ng Sining

3. Have a slumber party! Because age is but a number and you can have a pajama party. It’s such a great opportunity to spend time with one another and unwind after putting in a hard day’s work. Eat, drink, sing and dance as much as you want because you deserve a rule- free night. Then, as you all wind down; sit back, relax and enjoy a movie or two. After your first slumber party, you’ll surely be looking forward to the next one!

15 Fun and Cheap Things To Do with Your Friends

4. Do volunteer work. Do something meaningful together by volunteering in various causes. According to a research published in International Journal of Happiness and Development, social giving makes people happier. Giving to a cause can make you feel immense satisfaction after having done so. Put a smile on someone’s face by sharing the love. So, set a date to do volunteer work because in the end, everyone wins!

5. Go on a road trip. Some of you might be thinking, “With gas prices this high? No way!” I say, yes way. For the frugal mind that seeks adventure, anything is possible. You can always split the cost of gas amongst yourselves and bring food with you so as to avoid more expenses. There are also lots of helpful road trip hacks and tips that you can look up in the internet. And as many like to say: if there’s a will, there’s a way.

15 Fun and Cheap Things To Do with Your Friends

6. Go to a bookstore. Book lovers don’t need to be told this. There are bookstores, which have areas where you can sit down and read some of the books on offer. A nice cozy ambiance that only bookstores can bring is always a nice change from the everyday scene. So head out there and read!

7. Search a mall for the cheapest dessert you can find and document it. It’s definitely a memory you’d want to look back to. You can split up into two teams and whichever team finds the cheaper dessert wins! Record a video of your journey a la Blair Witch Project and laugh yourselves crazy after.

15 Fun and Cheap Things To Do with Your FriendsSugar+ friends+ camera = moments like this


8. Get crafty. The internet is brimming with DIY tutorials that you can try at home. Try some of the easy DIYs that you can find and make them with things that are readily available at home. Be creative and resourceful. And if you make anything half decent, you can even sell your creations online!

9. Have a fun game night. It is guaranteed to bring out your competitive spirit. Ask your friends to bring their favourite board game (or any game for that matter) and play! Healthy competition between friends is a sure way to strengthen any friendship. No sore losers, though, please!

15 fun and cheap things to do with your friends_00001

10. Hold a garage sale. Gather up things that you’re not using anymore but are still in good condition. Ask your friends to do the same and set up a garage sale in one of your houses. You can keep the money that you make and treat yourselves or you can donate it to your chosen charity.  Either way, you will all end up happy!

11. Go to conventions and exhibitions. Most conventions and exhibitions require people to pay an admission fee, but there are a lot that don’t ask for more than a hundred pesos. This is worth it since the experience is always priceless and you’ll probably go home with lots of freebies! Knowing someone from a relevant institution can also score you a ticket or two. Better keep your ears peeled for upcoming events!

15 Fun and Cheap Things To Do with Your FriendsInternational Food Exhibition 2013 @ SMX Convention Centre


12. Go swimming! This is a surefire way to get your hearts and spirits soaring. Science tells us that raising our heart rate can reverse the effects of stress. Swimming is also a form of exercise; but you’ll actually get to enjoy yourself more when with your friends.

15 Fun and Cheap Things To Do with Your Friends

13. Take a walk at night. There’s something oddly fulfilling about walking the streets at night. It might be the lack of people to bump into or the glow of the street lamps that is doing it. This will give you the opportunity to observe your surroundings and enjoy the simple pleasure of walking the streets with some of your favourite people in the world by your side.

15 Fun and Cheap Things To Do with Your FriendsTaken at the usually busy street in front of SM Megamall 


14. Sing your hearts out. You don’t have to rent a karaoke machine for this. Just look for song instrumentals with lyrics on YouTube and you’re good to go. You can also choose to plug in a real microphone or if you’re vying for a more practical solution, just use a comb.

15 Fun and Cheap Things To Do with Your FriendsApparently, you can use a comb, a remote control and even an arnis. These girls sure know how to do their thing.


15. Make a music video. And I don’t mean the type where all you do is dance around and lip-sync terribly to a song. You don’t have to be a professional to film and edit a short music video. You can even use your camera phone! All you need is a little imagination and creativity and, most importantly, friends who are always up for a bit of acting.

With these in mind, you’ll never find yourselves bored anymore. Share this list of fun and cheap things to do with your friends and set out plans for your future get-together without the worry of spending too much.



15 Fun and Cheap Things To Do with Your Friends