How to Get Your Car Ready for a Barkada Road Trip



When In Manila for too long, you sometimes want to head out and take a long drive with your closest friends.



When you’re planning an exciting out-of-town barkada road trip, you’re probably eager to check out all the cool restaurants and hot spots with your friends. Maybe you’re even looking forward to riding off down the road into fresh air and leaving the city behind – if only for a while.




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Before letting any of that happen, you need to be sure that your main mode of transportation is taken care of. You have to make important pre-trip preparations to make your barkada road trip both safe and enjoyable.




Things To Remember When Planning The Route


  • Plan your rest stops every 2 hours or every time you need to take a break from driving to stretch your legs or go to the bathroom. Make sure that your route has adequate gas stations and convenience stores.
  • You probably have an idea of the tourist spots along the way but it would still be good to research prices and locations and such. Make a list!
  • If you are armed with knowledge on places to eat then you can plan your stops AND your budget properly.
  • Overnight stays might require you to make reservations during busy times of the year, so call your accommodations in advance and book early. You might not get a chance to book a room once you get there.

Check Your Car to Prevent Problems

Here’s a simple maintenance check that you can do at home:



  • Check your tires for low air pressure. Do this while the tires are still cold using a tire gauge. Your car manual ought to list the proper pressure for your tires. Low pressure on your tires wastes gas and makes your tires run hotter.
  • Look under the hood and check your engine oil with the dipstick. If it is clear, then there is no problem. If not, then you’ll need an oil change. Fill up if the oil level is below the acceptable mark. Don’t add beyond the “full” mark.
  • Do the same with other fluids: coolant, power steering, brake fluid, transmission, washer, and windshield fluids.
  • Do a visual check on these: brakes, belts, hoses, exhaust system. Look for leaks, tears, and other damages.

If you see a problem with any of these, don’t hesitate to ask a mechanic or go to a car shop.



Get a Protective Car Wash to Prevent Stains and Rust

If you’ll be driving on dirt roads, you need to make sure that your car is protected so that the dirt doesn’t gather in the crevices and encourage rusting.



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Get a car wash that offers a protective coating after the wash. This will shield your car from too much dirt and grime in dusty back roads as well as protect your paint job from long exposure to the sun.




Some carwashes nowadays use high performance car care products that wash, wax, and protect all at the same time. The finish that is achieved afterwards will protect your car from the elements as you go about your barkada road trip.




So plan well for safety, get your car protected, hit the road, and enjoy your journey.

Bon voyage!






How to Get Your Car Ready for a Barkada Road Trip