Paper Blush: Washi Tapes for Everyday Crafts

Paper Blush: Washi Tapes for Everyday Crafts (plus Washi Tape Giveaway!)


When In Manila, there can be many avenues to express one’s creativity. 

I think one of the emerging DIY / arts and crafts trend is the use of washi tapes. I was a crafty one back in high school when my teachers thought that the more the cut-outs and special paper used harmoniously to create a design for my project, the better. I used to incorporate scotch tapes with designs on my projects (the ones that can be bought at the local bookstores).

Lucky for the students and craft-enthusiasts now, washi tape is made readily available on the online market.

I was browsing through Instagram one night and I saw the post of my crafty college classmate about her stuff that she “washified.” I found it very amusing so I clicked on the link where she bought her washi tapes, to Paper Blush‘s Instagram account. I have seen washi tapes  on the internet but what I liked the most was that they sold washi tapes with white phone cases that can be washified! I love personalizing my phone through cases when I’m out from the office so I said I wanted to get one of those.

Finally last August 3, I met with Mae and Hazel, owners of Paper Blush. We talked about their washi tape business and all things crafty. With the online shop that just opened last July, they got a good number of following and satisfied customers in a span of a little more than a month.

At their head quarters, there was a washi tape library! Like, 2 shelves of washi tape heaven. For online buyers like myself, I know it’s a pet peeve to wait so long for purchases online. Most online shops pre-order what you want to buy but at paper Blush, it’s readily available so you’ll just have to wait less for your orders. Definitely plus points for Paper Blush!

paper blush washi tape library

 Washi tapes at Paper Blush HQ


Mae was the crafty one so I asked her on what things can be washified because I was really amused with the #101waystowashi hashtag they use at Instagram for their customers to share what they have done with their washi tape purchases.

They showed me some of their own creations with washi tapes: 

paper blush washi tape instax film

Washified Instax photo by Paper Blush 


paper blush washi tape arts and crafts

These card board animals covered with washi tapes by Paper Blush are just too cute!!! 


PAPER BLUSH IPHONE CASES WASHI TAPES Mae’s (top) and Hazel’s (bottom) Paper Blush  washified iPhone phone cases with Mod Podge coating


Paper Blush also sells fabric, ribbon, and lace tapes apart from washi tapes and other craft accessories.  It is definitely a crafter’s haven.


Lace and Ribbon Tapes paper blush

 Fabric and lace tapes from Paper Blush

Even the celebrities are joining in the washi tape craze with their DIY projects using Paper Blush products. I am also impressed with the ones who use washi tapes to decorate their homes. Maybe I should try that with our light switch here at home… or I think not since my mom would disagree……


paper blush instagram posts kristine hermosa paula peralejo carla abellana

 Instagram posts about personalized items with Paper Blush products



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