15 Easy Things Everybody Can Do to Help Ease Global Warming

Is it hot right now or is it hot right now? Judging by how hot the weather currently is, it is pretty clear that global warming is a very serious problem at the moment. Well, instead of waiting for other people to find solutions to save the world, why don’t we all work together in doing our part – no matter how small – to help ease the problem instead? Here are some easy things everybody can do to help:

15 Easy Things Everybody Can Do to Help Ease Global Warming

15. Turn off your appliances when not in use.

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And by “turn off”, we mean actually turn it off by pressing the off buttons. See, when an appliance is on standby, it actually still uses up quite a bit of energy; so make sure you turn your appliances off properly whenever they are not in use. That includes your television screens, laptops and computers.

14. Cover your pots when you cook.

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Covering your pots when you cook can save a lot of energy. Whenever you can, use steamers and pressure cookers, too; they will help you save even more energy, especially in the long run.

13. Do not use your washing machine until you have a full load of dirty clothes.

A lot of people are guilty of this: they use their washing machines to wash just a handful of clothes. Ideally, you should hand-wash your clothes, really; but since that can be tedious and most people simply do not have time for that anymore, you should gather up a full load of dirty clothes before you use your washing machine.

12. Choose showers over baths.


Even if you are fortunate enough to have a bathtub in your house, try to resist the urge to use it all the time. While there is nothing wrong with an occasional bath to de-stress, please do not make bath time a daily habit. Shower instead. You will save a ton of energy by doing so.

11. Use less hot water.


Heating water takes up a lot of energy, so avoid using your water heater as much as possible. While it may be understandable to use it when you shower during the -ber months, there really is no reason to use it during the summer time, especially since the heat outside seems to heat up the shower water on its own… or is that just me?

10. Dry your clothes on a clothesline.

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Even if you are fortunate to have a dryer at home, drying your clothes the all-natural way (i.e. outside and on a clothesline) is the best way to conserve energy. Besides, now that the heat is insane, it won’t take long for your clothes to dry anyway.

9. Pay attention to product packaging.


Some products are packaged in single plastic bags wrapped in a bigger plastic bag, for example, while others are packaged into a single case. Pay attention to these things and opt for products with less packaging whenever possible. On that note, opt for refills whenever you can, too, such as when it comes to liquid soap or shampoo. This will help reduce energy usage and waste production at the same time.

8. Reuse shopping bags.

The Second Bag reuse secondhand bags

Always reuse shopping bags that are still in good shape instead of throwing them away to reduce waste production and save the environment. Take your cue from this cause called The Second Bag, which reuses shopping bags of all shapes and sizes to do their part in saving the environment.

7. Reduce waste, in general.


There are lots of other ways in which you can reduce waste, in general, as well. Bring reusable tupperwares and lunch boxes with you to school or to work, for example, or bring reusable tumblers with you to to your favorite coffee shop to reduce waste.

6. Plant trees.tree-planting-project.jpg

Trees are some of the most vital things that the world needs right now. Not only will they absorb a lot of carbon dioxide, but they can also provide shade from the sun. Mindanao set the tree-planting world record last year. Let’s do the world proud and plant some more this year.

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