Mindanao Sets Tree Planting World Record

Guinness World Record most trees planted simultaneously

Another achievement for the country!

Mindanao has successfully set a world record for planting the most number of trees in simultaneous locations, beating a record that was earlier set by India.

The record-breaking event, according to the Manila Bulletin, was made possible by the “TreeVolution: Greening MindaNOW movement”, spearheaded by the Mindanao Development Authority, in partnership with Tang Sweet Orange.

Just how many did they plant, exactly??

According to the report,a total of 220 volunteers planted 4,000,081 seedlings in 253 separate planting sites, surpassing the 1,945,525 trees record set earlier by India.

Different species were planted such as rubber, cacao, coffee, timber and mahogany trees, as well as a range of fruit trees and other indigenous species.

According to the Mindanao Development Authority, this event was not just for Mindanaoans, but for the entire country, as a call to action to preserve and protect our environment.

What do you think of this new record? If you could set a world record in anything, what would it be??


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