12 Must-Try Milk Tea Orders in Manila

With the milk tea craze showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon, I’m sure a lot of us has tried the all-too-famous drink now. Maybe some of us might have even gotten into an obsession. But I do understand that a lot of people are only still starting to get into the milk tea trend. So, if you’re one of those people who wants to try it out but has no idea where to begin, we’re here to help you.

We’ve asked the #WIMSquad about their go-to milk tea orders from their favorite milk tea places. Here’s what they said:

12. Okinawa Milk Tea from Dakasi

The international milk tea brand offers many milk tea flavors made out of natural ingredients, but the Okinawa Milk Tea (which uses roasted brown sugar rather than regular syrup), is one of the favorites of milk tea lovers.


11. Roasted Milk Tea by Chatime

Chatime is one of the biggest milk tea names around the world, and their Roasted Milk Tea is one flavor that tickles the taste buds of the many patrons of Chatime.


10. White Pearl Milk Tea by CoCo

CoCo is a relatively new resounding name in the local milk tea world, and they’ve got a lot of bestsellers to choose from. One of the favorites is the White Peal Milk tea which steers away from the usual black pearls and offers the smaller white pearls more locally known as sago.


9. Cocoa Rock Salt and Cheese by Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon is known to offer flavors that just aren’t the usuals for milk tea. Their Cocoa Rock Salt and Cheese is a sensational combination of chocolatey sweetness with creamy and salty cheese. No wonder it’s a huge favorite!


8. Cheesecake Milk Tea by Macao Imperial Tea

What’s better than ordinary milk tea? Cheesecake-infused milk tea! And that’s what newcomer Macao Imperial Tea offers milk tea lovers. The cute tumblers they come in are a huge added bonus.

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7. Boba Jasmine Milk Tea by Fiftea

This seemingly classic flavor is greatly enjoyed by fans of Taiwanese milk tea brand, Fiftea. Jasmine tea is known to be very relaxing. Add milk and boba into the mix and you’ve got yourself a must-try drink.


6. Okinawa Milk Tea by Serenitea

So, this roasted brown sugar drink appears twice on the list. Many people love it! And Serenitea is another milk tea place that offers this crowd favorite. You’ll have to try it to find out what makes people crazy about it!


5. Wintermelon Milk Tea by Gong Cha

Here’s another classic flavor offered by one of the biggest names in the milk tea world. Personally, this flavor was the first I tried, and it drew me into the marvelous world of milk tea.


4. Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea by Macao Imperial Tea

Another bestseller from Macao Imperial Tea is this mouthwatering concoction of chocolate cookies and salty cream cheese. Just like how the name itself is a mouthful, this flavor is tasty treat for the taste buds!


3. Thai Milk Tea by Cafe Amazon

Thai milk tea is now an iconic flavor even though the drink originated in Taiwan. And while there are a lot of Thai milk tea flavors being offered around, people swear by the one from Cafe Amazon.


2. Golden Sun by D’Cream

This milk tea place is making waves among milk tea lovers who steer clear of big names. Their Golden Sun milk tea is known to be one of their most famous flavors, with some even saying that it’s the best milk tea they’ve tasted!


1. Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte by Yi Fang

Claimed as Taiwan’s best milk tea, Yi Fang is now in the country to offer one of their best flavors–the Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte. Don’t be taken aback by the “sugar” in its name because it is more than just a sweet drink. It’s got a rich toasty taste that goes absolutely well with the brown sugar pearls!


Which milk tea order is your favorite? Share it with us!