Hand-Crafted for You: Macao Imperial Tea

Written by Faith Ong (instagram @faithmadeleine)
Photos by Chel Cue (instagram @chel_cue) and FJ Chua (instagram @personal.danioell)

Macao Imperial Tea is the latest addition to Banawe’s list of notable establishments. It changes your perception of casino-packed Macao with colorful and delicious drinks, cakes, pastries, and snacks matched with a cozy ambience to fulfill your café camping needs.

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Macao Imperial Tea 1The Soda series. From left to right: Green Apple Soda, Over the Rainbow Soda,
Cherry Blossom Soda, Blue Curacao Soda, Midsummer Soda.

Originally hailing from Macao, Macao Imperial Tea has been delighting customers in China and Vietnam for years with more than 200 branches. And it’s about time it made its way to the Philippines. Ran by Mr. Avin Ong, he shares that it has been one of his family’s favorites brands abroad. “We love the food, we love the drinks, so we thought of sharing it to everyone [here in the Philippines].” It’s really the joy of sharing the Macao Imperial Tea experience to the Filipinos.

Macao Imperial Tea 2When going through Banawe, don’t miss Macao Imperial Tea.
It’s right beside Integrity Wellness
Center and soon-to-open Shabu-Shabu Ichiban.

What makes it different from the usual milk tea shops in the country is its quality control when it comes to their drinks and food. “We source all the tea leaves from Macao to make sure that we serve quality tea, juices, and coffee.” The taste and flavor were to stay true to its Macao roots.

Macao Imperial Tea 3Over the Rainbow Soda 

Macao Imperial Tea’s careful attention to every customer is also reflected in the littlest details. Their menu includes an impressive array of choices for the coffee, tea, soda, and cake lover. Plus, the café is very generous with its electric sockets and internet connection so that you can work, hangout, and chill while enjoying their drinks and food selections, truly making the experience handcrafted for you.

Macao Imperial Tea 5The cafe’s cozy space is perfect for hohols with friends, co-workers, and family.

“All the details, all the information, everything, when we say, “handcrafted”, it’s really made for you. Lahat talaga pinag-isipan just to make sure that it’s suitable for everyone.”

Macao Imperial Tea 4Kumquat Lemon Tea 

So what are the recommended must-try food and drinks?

Macao Imperial Tea Cake

For early risers who enjoy a warm cup at the start of the day, there’s the Special Drink series that are served hot. These include Osmanthus Oolong Tea, Taro Sweet Potato Fresh Milk, Kitten Milk Tea, and others. Aside from those, for traditional coffee drinkers, they also offer coffee in different variations such as Matcha Latte and Charcoal Grilled Americano amongst others.

Macao Imperial Tea 6Kitten Milk Tea

For those who need to be refreshed during hot afternoons, any drink from the Soda series could be your fix. It features five main flavors: Blue Curacao Soda, Cherry Blossom Soda, Green Apple Soda, Midsummer Soda, and Over the Rainbow Soda. Each of which is a burst of color perfect for your Instagram feed.

Macao Imperial Tea 8From left to right: Cherry Blossom Soda, Green Apple Soda, Over the Rainbow Soda,
Blue Curacao Soda, and Midsummer Soda

For pairs, you can opt for the special For You and For Me drinks, which come in matching Mickey Mouse tumblers, one black and one white for you and me, because life is sweeter with that special someone.

Macao Imperial Tea 8Caramel Macchiato For YOU in the white bear tumbler and
Strawberry Milk Tea For ME in the black bear tumbler

TIP: Bring your bear tumbler when 0rdering to get 10% off on your next For You and For Me drinks.

For milk tea fans, you can choose from their Chestnut Cream, Cream Cheese, or Milk Tea series. Mr. Avin Ong’s personal favorite is the Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea, but the Cream Cheese Uji Matcha is also very good. Other unique drinks to choose from in the series are Cream Cheese Red Rose Tea and Chestnut Cream Osmanthus Oolong Tea. All of which are worth a try.

Macao Imperial Tea 10Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea

Aside from their wide selection of drinks, they’ve also got moist and rich cakes to complete your stay. The selection of cakes change every now and then so customers are always in for a surprise.

Macao Imperial Tea 11Don’t they look enticing? Each cake was heavenly.

Macao Imperial Tea 15

Macao Imperial Tea definitely changes your perception of Macao from casinos and European-style architecture to that of something new. This experience truly is especially made for you.

Macao Imperial Tea

780 Banawe St, Quezon City, 1114 Metro Manila, Philippines
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MacaoImperialTeaPH/
Instagram: MacaoImperialTeaPH
Open from 7AM to 12AM