We Found a Happy Place in Banawe — Check it Out!

Written by Hannah Resuello
Photos by Elaine Quion and Christian York Uy

Happiness is the feeling of joy, pleasure, and satisfaction we all have tried to seek at some point in our lives. Some people find it in their families, some in their careers, others in their relationships, but I know a lot of us find happiness in food!

If you’re like me who delights in, well, eating, let me take you to the Chinese food haven of Quezon City! Hidden along the streets of Banawe is a happy place you would want to visit, and it’s called the Happy Lulu Fusion Kitchen!

Happy Lulu 1

What used to be the living room of a humble home was transformed into a restaurant that prides itself with their Asian flavors. Meals are best shared with the ones you love, and this is a good place to bond and dine with your family! They offer a wide variety of food options, from seafood, to sizzlers, to rice toppings, and ton of other flavors!

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Happy Lulu Chicharon BulaklakChicharon Bulaklak

You’ll be doing yourself a favor if you try this out. When I started munching on this crunchy treat, I just couldn’t stop!

Happy Lulu Chami NoodlesChami

Just like a festival of flavors, the Chami or noodles are abundantly served with seafood, meat, and vegetables as toppings.

Happy Lulu ClamsSpicy Clams

Another best seller is this fairly generous serving of clams with a spicy kick, but the type that won’t burn your tongue.

Happy Lulu SquidPan Fried Squid

Happy Lulu Grilled LiempoGrilled Liempo

Marinated to perfection is this slab of Grilled Liempo that you’ll want to come back for!

Happy Lulu

Not only will Happy Lulu make your tummy happy, but your schedule as well! I’m that type of person who is really keen and conscious with time, and I just have so much love for Happy Lulu for their fast service! What I thought may have contributed to how efficient the service was is the time given for the employees to have a break. Happy Lulu is closed from 2PM to 5PM to give time for the workers to rest and charge up for the next batch of hungry customers like us! As an advocate for the rights and welfare of Filipino workers, I really appreciate, commend, and support this!

Dining at Happy Lulu felt like I was at home, in my happy place. It was simple but satisfying, and definitely worth it! Tag your fam and check out this gem together on your next family date!

Happy Lulu 2

Happy Lulu Fusion Kitchen

Monday to Sunday, 10AM – 2PM and 5PM – 10PM
19 Ubay Street, 1114 Quezon City, Philippines