12 Local Brands We Love

There are many startup businesses that look very promising and we’ve been following many of them for quite a while now. Here are some of our favorite local brands that are not just proudly local but some of which are also social enterprises that help communities all over the Philippines.

12 Local Brands We Love

Don Papa


If you love local, then you are sure to enjoy Don Papa Rum. From the hills of Mt. Kanlaon, this rum is a tribute to Papa Isio, a leader of Negros in the 1890s. The brand is considered as the spirit of sugarlandia because of the sugarcane used to make their products.

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Photos from Don Papa Rum’s Website

From one product, Don Papa now has different variations of rum to suit the different tastes of their customers.

Messy Bessy

Home 06

Known as a social enterprise, Messy Bessy has set up the HOUSE Foundation (Helping Ourselves through Sustainable Enterprises). They help educate and employ at risk youth.

By buying their products, you can help send kids to school. Their products are natural and biodegradable for your home and personal care.

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Photos from Messy Bessy’s Facebook Page

We personally love their surface cleaners and their dust mite spray!

Sewn Sandals


Sewn Sandals offers casual slip-ons, gladiators and even some designs for men. These designs are specially made for the fun-loving adventurers that are looking for comfort and style.

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Photos from Sewn Sandals’ Facebook Page

They are also open for resellers in case you want to have your own business.

Hello Gorgeous


A brand that started in 1998, Hello Gorgeous was once known as Skinline in Bulacan. With their background in beauty and wellness from their previous brand, they established Hello Gorgeous, a hip and adventurous brand that aims to make its customers feel great and confident with their products.

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Photos from Hello Gorgeous’ Instagram

Their products range from skin care to makeup. One of their most talked-about products is the Feline Cat Eyeliner stamp, which helps everyone achieve the perfect cat eye with ease.

Soak Swimwear


Worn by celebrities and influencers, you’ve probably already seen Soak Swimwear. This local brand has been around since 2007 and has expanded their business and design throughout the years. It is a must-have for beach babes and those who want to take their swimmies from the beach to the city just by styling it with closet basics.

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Photos from Soak Swimwear’s Facebook Page

They also offer swimwear for men and other resort wear like dresses, kaftans, dresses, etc.

Sola Jewelry


If you need a little sparkle (or even lots of it), Sola Jewelry is here to help. The brand is proudly local and handmade to perfection. Each design is unique and can be customized depending on how you like it. They are made of gemstones that are both timeless and classic. Their products can be used for everyday wear, special occasions, or even as engagement rings or wedding bands.

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Photos from Sola Jewelry Facebook Page

They have earrings, rings, necklaces, brooches and even hair pieces.

Carmen’s Best


Established in 2007, Carmen’s Best started out as a dairy farm in Laguna that produces milk. After experimenting with different flavours of milk, they then realised that they have always loved ice cream. The brand is named after the owner’s daughter and since then, has been a name synonymous to ice cream.

carmens best

Photo from Carmen’s Best Website

The brand now has more than 20 flavours and with some unique ones like Vietnamese Coffee, Brown Butter Almond Brittle and Brazilian Coffee. Our favourite is the pistachio and salted caramel!



An accessory every fashionista must have, Aranáz is a world-class local brand that has impeccable craftsmanship by Filipino artisans in their wide range of bags and accessories. Each design is proudly handmade and is something that you can take from day to night, whether you fancy clutches, handbags or weekend bags. They also have earrings to give an oomph to your wardrobe.

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Photos from Aranáz Facebook Page

The brand is available in the Philippines and at different stores worldwide.

Potato Corner


A brand that kids and adults love, Potato Corner has been in the business for 25 years. Since 1992, the brand has opened kiosks and in-line stores in commercial areas all over the world. Dubbed as the World’s Best Flavored Fries, Potato Corner is a leading brand that is not just meant for its customers, but also for their business partners that have successful franchises.

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Photos from Potato Corner’s Instagram

Their tasty fries are available in their stores and as catering for events!



What started as a single kiosk in SM Manila in 2002, Fruitas now has more than 20 brands under its company and has over 800 stores nationwide. The brand is one of the favourites when strolling at the mall, having merienda, and when watching a movie. Since its establishment, it now has Buko Loco, De Original Jamaican Pattie Shop and Juice Bar, Juice Avenue and Johnn Lemon, just to name a few. The company is also know for giving equal job opportunities to Filipinos by hiring the deaf and mute for their service crew.

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Photos from Fruitas’ Instagram

They also have beneficiaries that they send to school or give educational assistance to.

Zoo Clothing


If you need a dress or even a wedding OOTD, Zoo is the brand for you. What looks like a brand from abroad, Zoo is actually a Filipino brand that upholds the quality and design that are world-class. The owner Kat Zulueta made sure that her designs are timeless and luxurious at reasonable prices.

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Photos from Zoo’s Website

Their ready-to-wear line and quick customs are something that women of all ages love as they are all made with quality materials and are carefully crafted by the Zoo team.

Private Storey


Sleepwear hasn’t looked this good. We’re so obsessed with Private Storey! This beautifully designed sleep and lounge wear are something that every woman should have. Whether for sleeping or for special occasions, it is important that you feel comfortable and beautiful in everything you wear. Private Storey has a variety of designs from shorts, dresses and whatever it is that you are looking for.

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Photos from Private Storey’s Instagram

It is also the perfect outfit for your slumber parties or the perfect gifts for your friends.

These are just some of the brands that we love and highly recommend for food, accessories, clothes, and household items. What about you? What are your favorite local brands?