LOOK: These 7 Admirable Establishments Hire PWD Employees

Words by John Peter Himor

Everybody deserves the right to have a job, but we have to admit that persons with disabilities (PWDs) are often disadvantaged when it comes to getting hired. Thankfully, because of our constant call for equality in the playing field, more and more establishments are hiring PWDs. Despite their disability, these hardworking people often turn out to be great employees, only showing how PWDs can become strong assets to companies.

Take a look at some of the different establishments that offer jobs to our well-deserving PWDS.

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7. Fruitas and De Original Jamaican Pattie Shop and Juice Bar

Photos from Rey-An Moreno’s Facebook post (@reyan.moreno) and Fruitas’ Facebook page

Both Fruitas and De Original Jamaican Pattie Shop are under the Fruitas Group of Companies, which has been employing Deaf employees as front liners as early as 2010. Other establishments under the parent company are Juice Avenue and Buko Loco, which similarly offer employment to the Deaf.

6. The Happy Project

The Happy Project started as a passion project to create a lighthearted and functional travel pouch, as well as a positive attempt to provide employment to PWDs and fully integrate them into society. This project soon developed into more than pouches and evolved to also offer shirts, tote bags, and aprons—all for the sole purpose of spreading happiness.

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5. Farron Cafe

Photo from Farron Cafe’s Facebook page

Farron Cafe is an emerging coffee franchise that offers proudly Filipino coffee with good value for the customer’s money and promoting the quality of our own local products. Farron Cafe also carries the advocacy of hiring PWDs and out-of-school youths. They truly spread the love not only to their happy customers, but also to the disenfranchised communities, as well.

4. Elait!

Photo from Elait’s Facebook page and Amber Yaokasin’s (@amber.yaokasin) Facebook post

Artisanal and rolled ice cream is uniquely offered at Elait, where most of their employees are Deaf. They also conduct workshops for the public to learn basic sign language so it’s easier to strike up a conversation and make friends with our Deaf companions.

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3. Conscious Canvas PH

Photos from Conscious Canvas’ Facebook page

Conscious Canvas is the merged effort of local artists and the PWD sector of DSWD to create beautiful and well-crafted tote bags for everyday use. What’s more amazing is that 10% of the profits are given to support the country’s para-athletes. Support the PWD community and our local paralympians by purchasing a nice tote from Conscious Canvas.

2. Dunamai Cafe

Photo from Dunamai Cafe’s Facebook page

The Grain Foundation for PWD Inc. (GFPI) offers vocational training to PWDs and poor families to provide some much-needed work experience. They also help incorporate the graduates of the course to different social enterprises, one of which is the Dunamai Cafe, where your PWD baristas are just as well-trained as any other.

Other enterprises include the Dunamai Canteen and Dunamai Salon.

1. Project Lily PH

Photos from Project Lily’s Facebook page

Project Lily creates eco-uling, an eco-friendly charcoal made from water lilies, coconut husks, and other agri-forest wastes. This eco-uling is an effective alternative to typical charcoals which are made from tree logs. More than saving the trees, Project Lily is also a livelihood project for several PWDs, thus helping the community and saving the environment all at once.

These businesses show how our PWD co-workers are just as hardworking and determined as the rest of us, and that they can do amazing work despite their disability. We hope to see more establishments follow through with this set example so that our society becomes much more PWD-friendly, one business at a time.

Do you know any other establishments hiring PWD employees? Share them with us below!


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