Don Papa Premium Rum – Who’s Your Papa Now?


When in Manila, get a taste of authentic Filipino premium rum with a shot of Don Papa.




The Don Likes You

Whether on the rocks or mixed with some special stuff to create magical libations, Don Papa offers a superb rum with a rich and smooth finish. 

Don Papa Label

Under Bleeding Heart Rum Company, Don Papa Small Batch Rum has been launched in the Philippines and it is expected to  hit your local bars and alcohol stores soon. We had the opportunity to witness its media launch in Aracama Manila Cuisine at the Fort Strip. For a country considered as the second largest rum market in the world, Don Papa aims to fill the gap when it comes to providing authentic Filipino premium rum.

Don Papa Premium Rum

Don Papa is 100% Filipino-made. Crafted from the finest sugar canes cultured in Negros, Don Papa is aged for at least 7 years in American oak barrels at the foot of Mt. Kanlaon. After aging, the rum is charcoal filtered to remove any impurities before it is carefully packaged in neat glass rum bottles.

With Don Papa as star of the night, booze came pouring out from all sides of Aracama. We were able to try the 3 Liberating Libations of Don Papa that are specially available in Aracama.

First, we tried the Liquid Butterscotch. It is described as “it is what it is”. This is simply Don Papa rum made cold with a few ice cubes.

Liquid Butterscotch

Then, we had the Kapag Serious Ka, which is the young mixologist Kathryn Eckstein’s own take on Caprioska. This drink had Don Papa rum mixed with ginger, twist of calamansi, a dash of honey, and a little soda for added zing.

Kapag Serious Ka

We ended the night with the a breath of fresh air via the Coco Breeze. This libation contained guava juice with Nata de Coco bits that offers a burst of flavor with every sip.

Coco Breeze

Even with the strong downpour that night, many brave souls went out to catch first glimpse and have first sip of Don Papa premium rum.

At the Don Papa Launch in Aracama

Just chillin’ with Don Papa Premium Rum

Don Papa Small Batch Rum

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When in Manila, your papa is Don Papa Premium Rum.

Don Papa Premium Rum – Who’s Your Papa Now?

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