12 Instagram Shops For Your Not-So-Basic Summer OOTDs

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and I’m sure most of us already have our travel itineraries all planned out for the season.

In this age of social media, most travels and vacations are remembered not with souvenirs but with the best photos with amazing backgrounds and an equally beautiful outfit.

With millions of summer photos sure to be posted on the Internet in the coming months, it will be quite the challenge to come up with OOTDs that are not like the rest. So, we’ve gathered these 12 Instagram shops you can check out for fashion pieces that will surely step up your summer outfit game.

Check them out:

12. Lily and Jones


Shop for: trendy sunglasses

Instagram handle: @lilyandjones

11. Kawayan

Kawayan Watches Red Maple

Shop for: bamboo watches

Instagram handle: @kawayanph

10. Babe About Town

Basket Bags That Go Well With Any Outfit 1

Shop for: basket bags

Instagram handle: @babeabouttown

9. Ramir

ramir 5

Shop for: artisan leather sandals

Instagram handle: @ramir.ph

8. Kamila’s Online Boutique


Shop for: floral accessories and phone cases

Instagram handle: @kamilas4ambracelet

7. Helios


Shop for: macramé drawstring bags

Instagram handle: @heliosphilippines

6. The Venture Pack


Shop for: versatile travel bags

Instagram handle: @theventurepack

5. Ete Style

ete style 6

Shop for: stylish swimwear

Instagram handle: @etestyle

4. Niquita


Shop for: floral everyday dresses

Instagram handle: @niquita.ph

3. Clothe Yourself With Love


Shop for: boho summer dresses

Instagram handle: @clotheyourselfwithlove

2. Lawud

Lawudlife 4692

Shop for: tropical polos for him & her

Instagram handle: @lawudlife

1. Araw


Shop for: minimalist vintage-inspired tropical pieces

Instagram handle: @araw.theline

Did we miss your favorite summer fashion shop? Share it with us!