Lawud: Perfect for Your Summer OOTDs

Summer is here and I’m sure you’re already looking for the perfect outfit to wear under the sun. If you think that it has to be branded for it to be fashionable, you’re mistaken. All you need to do is look online and you’ll see a local clothing brand that’s just as nice as the international ones you see at the mall. Check out Lawud.

Lawudlife 4694

Lawud is an online clothing store that specializes in tropical-themed wear and is the result of the owners’ passion for travel, adventure, and eye for aesthetic. This led them to create a brand that reflects exactly who they are. Lawud, which means vastness of the open sea in the Visayan dialect, aims to be the apparel of choice for the wandering soul.

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Judging solely by their designs, you are sure to fall in love with their polos. They have various patterns (floral, fruits, plants, etc.) that you can choose from to suit your liking. It’s just a matter of knowing what color suits you best.

Aside from the look, Lawud also ensures that each product is of top quality by handpicking the best fabrics for comfortable and easy everyday wear.

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Take this polo, for example. The Orange Flower polo is categorized under the “Bold and Beautiful” collection. It’s very silky and has the perfect color combination of blue and orange, which will really make it pop under the sun. If you’re running out of ideas, you can wear it like this: knotted at the front and paired with stone-washed denim shorts.

Lawudlife 4697

You might like this Black Floral polo, too. Black goes well with anything; so, whether you’re wearing shorts or slacks, it looks pretty good. The fabric of this one is different from the Orange Flower; it’s soft like cotton, yet thick in size – almost like it’s woven into an artsy craft by Indigenous people. If texture is your thing, buy the Black Floral.

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They also have other designs sorted by collection; just browse through the rest on their social media accounts. Step up your game by wearing Lawud apparel this summer. Their polos are limited edition, though, so make sure you grab them while you can—or else you’ll regret it!



Instagram: @lawudlife