LOOK: These Lovely Basket Bags Go Well With Any Outfit!

If you’re the kind who’s always on Instagram checking out your favorite fashion influencers’ posts then these bags might look familiar to you.

Recently this year, basket bags, or some say wicker, straw, ata, or rattan bags, have entered almost every fashionista’s wardrobe. A super cute accessory to instantly make any outfit look chic!

Super cute, right? Babe About Town is an online shop based in Manila, Philippines that offers a wide range of basket bags with a lot of unique designs you can choose from. They offer more than 15 designs that are on-hand and for pre-order and they also ship anywhere in the world!

Interesting they may look, the story behind how these bags are made are interesting as well. Every bag is handcrafted from Bali, Indonesia. Balinese women use Ata Grass for it, which are fern resembling rattan that naturally grows in the rain forest. It makes a strong durable material that allows them to create very fine weaves.

The amazingly unique skill of creating these bags have been passed over Balinese women for years and have been perfected for over many generations; these beautiful pieces are all created in their own homes.

Amazing how these bags can complete your outfit. I personally have my own and I got the Catalina Flower Pattern design. I use it almost everyday and I must say the quality of these bags are super nice and perfect.

If you’re looking for the perfect summer bag, head over to Babe About Town now!

Instagram: @babeabouttownph


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