11 Inspiring Graduation Stories That Prove Education Has No Limit

We are almost done with the month of May and a few weeks from now, classes are back! I hope by this time, you’ve already prepared your mind , body, and soul (plus don’t forget your pockets) for another fruitful and meaningful school year.

Having said that, we’ve compiled inspiring graduation stories you could use to motivate you in pursuing your passion or studies. These stories are truthful facts that no hindrance could stop you from achieving your ultimate goal.

1. Student with rare disease graduated Cum Laude in UP Los Banos

UPLB Graduate rare disease

Photo credit: ABS – CBN

He is Carl Adrian. He has been in a wheelchair after being diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a degenerative muscular disease and unfortunately has no cure. It’s a genetic disorder that weakens one’s muscles, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his studies. Despite and in spite of, he proudly finished BS Computer Science and Cum Laude of their class.

His encouraging story has touched many lives, including mine. Truly, nothing is impossible for a person who has a full determination.  Read more about him here.

2. Finished medicine despite father’s low-incomed job

We are all aware that sending someone to a medical school or any school nowadays could cause you an arm and a leg. However, for this family, anything is possible if you have a steadfast faith and perseverance. Through his father’s earnings as a tricycle driver, he was able to finish medicine at the prestigious Medical School of Silliman University. 

INSPIRING Tricycle Driver's Son Graduates From Medical School

Standing proudly beside a tricycle (one of the Filipinos means of transportation), father and son Marven Louie Badon Ragay, showed everyone in social media that no work is little for a determined and courageous man.

3. Love conquers all

– including finishing studies together.

ABS-CBN News reported a couple in Cagayan De Oro, both in their 50’s, graduated high school together.


Screenshot from ABS-CBN YouTube/Bandila

Adam Lavictoria, 51 years old and a tricycle driver, and his wife, Rebecca, 55 years old, graduated from Bugo National High School (BNHS). They both believed that education is the key to having a better livelihood. You may watch the video here.

4. Education has no age limit

In a traditional educational system, age is one of the key indicators to assess someone’s level. Now that K-12 system has been introduced, more parents are bound to enroll their children regardless, as long as they are within the age bracket. But this guy proved everyone wrong.

LOOK Man Graduates College at 70!

He may have taken the “other route” to finish studies, still he pursued it. Because, really, education has no age limit.

5. “Blessings in Disguise”

Teenage pregnancy is an issue that our country isn’t ready to hear nor see yet. We are surrounded by superficial beliefs that pregnancy or sex must be done before marriage. And if you get pregnant out of wedlock, you’d be condemned by your family and the society. Luckily, those days are gone – although, there are a few close-minded ones.

Nevertheless, this teen mom showed everyone that having a child was a “blessing in disguise.”

Teen Mom Graduates Despite Having a Kid

Ehmjei just graduated from Sienna College of Taytay. Her journey is not to inspire teenagers or students to get pregnant neither is it okay to be pregnant at an early age. However, just like what Ehmjei said, make the situation your motivation to pursue further not an excuse to falter. (Go, girl!)

Read more about her inspiring story here.

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