INSPIRING: Married Couple Both in Their 50s Graduate High School Together

In Cagayan de Oro City, a husband and a wife who are married to each other and both in their 50s graduated in high school together, ABS-CBN News reported.

Adam Lavictoria, 51 years old and a tricycle driver, and his wife, Rebecca, 55 years old, recently graduated from Bugo National High School (BNHS).

Rebecca said that she knows education is the key for them to have a better livelihood.

Adam said that he is proud that they finished high school together.

The couple are  among the 11 graduates from the BNHS Open High School Program for out-of-school youth and over-age individuals.

The couple were recipients of Award of Distinction due to their hard work to finish high school.

Rebecca will pursue a college degree and she dreams to become a lawyer someday. Adam will study to become an electrician and plans to work immediately.

Watch the video of ABS-CBN’s report below.

This is an inspiring proof that it’s never too late to work on achieving your dreams in life.

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