LOOK: Man Graduates College at 70!

LOOK Man Graduates College at 70!

To Filipinos, the traditional route after high school is to go to college, then get a job, get married, get a house, have kids, and grow old. Some of us skip a few, but it’s unusual for us to mix things up.

Not for this guy. A photo spreading online shows how with a little hard work, one can achieve anything, regardless of age. The photo, shared by Unilad, shows an unidentified man in a toga holding a checklist of things he has accomplished.

On his list, he wrote:

  • Age 23 – Married
  • Age 31 – US citizen
  • Age 33 – Father of 5
  • Age 64 – Grandfather
  • Age 70 – College grad!

It’s not identified who this man is or where he’s from, but his story is inspiring to everyone around the world.

The man shows that age shouldn’t stop you from getting your degree. Or anything, for that matter.

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