11 Inspiring Graduation Stories That Prove Education Has No Limit

6. Teen Dad graduated Cum Laude

Because being a teen parent isn’t a hindrance at all. In fact, to Francis del Rosario, it is a gateway to better future for him and his to-be family.

Teenage Dad Graduates Cum Laude

His message, which he posted on Facebook, had transpired to everyone’s lives to be more patient – that giving up is a weak thing to do. Read his inspiring message here.

7. Used to be a ‘junkshop’ boy graduated as Dean’s Lister

junkshop boy graduates

Jayvee Acorita Calayag, who used to work as a ‘junkshop boy,’ believed in the saying “dreams do come true.” Despite working as a junkshop boy – meaning he had to look and dig into garbage bins or anywhere that has recyclable materials in exchange for money for food and other life materials, Jayvee proved that being underprivileged isn’t an excuse NOT to finish studies.

Nevertheless, Jayvee graduated as a Dean’s Lister and probably the best gift a parent could ever have!

8. FEU student spent six years in college but graduated Cum laude

Every year, we come across heaps of inspiring and encouraging stories about students who prove education is essential. Having said that, another uplifting story was shared on Facebook: a student who took six years in College but graduates Magna Cum Laude.

FEU graduates magna cum laude

He is Kebyn Villarino. He shared his struggles just to finish his studies. For him, learning is limitless. Furthermore, he believes that time is essential but there’s no limit in education. He posted his words of encouragement on Facebook and it quickly went viral. Read it here.

9. Another Dean’s lister 

Another graduate who was proud of her father whom she described as the “man of dignity” and who works 24/7.

lyceum deans lister

For Love Ramos (Diwata), graduated as “Dean’s Lister” from the Lyceum of the Philippines, without her dad’s hard work, she wouldn’t be able to finish studies. She used her dad’s determination and tenacity to finish her studies and eventually graduate as a “dean’s lister.”

For her, graduation is just the beginning of a wonderful and brighter future for them.

10. Education is the most powerful weapon

It was Nelson Mandela who said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I guess this is what motivated this man of hope and determination – Jay Torres Solitana.

Inspiring Jay Torres Solitana Graduating

Jay graduated from the course Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication at University of the Philippines – Diliman.

His story had touched many lives. He shared how he struggled to finish his studies. He shared that while he was aware of his parents’ low income, it didn’t stop him from pursuing his goal – to finish college.

So, he worked as a call center agent. Contrary to what others are saying about working at a call center, he used it as a stepping stone. Lo and behold, this June 2016, the guy who never gave up on his dreams and a proud son to a Jeepney driver and House helper, is finally marching and graduating. His story on how he achieved this remarkable event of his life was truly inspiring.

As what Walt Disney said, “All our Dreams can come true if we have the Courage to pursue them.”

11. #Relationshipgoals for real

Back in the day, our parents would ask us to refrain from being in a relationship and just focus on studies. In a conservative culture like our, education must come first. However, this couple proved that being in a relationship is not a problem, so long as you know what your priorities are. And it must be your studies first.

#RelationshipGoals Couple Tops Board Exams One After the Other

Last year, Micah Arceño (left) received a Toyota Wigo for topping the mechanical engineering licensure exam (MELE). But this year, his girlfriend Marina Luchavez also received a Toyota Wigo for topping this year’s MELE. They both proved everyone that you could have the best of both worlds by knowing your priorities ahead of time.

Over To You

Wow, gathering their stories has transpired me to become a better person. It gave more reasons to pursue my passion in journalism.

Evidently, we need to be reminded sometimes. We need to read other stories to inspire us. To encourage us. To motivate us to become a better person.

Hats off to you, graduates of 2016! Thank you for inspiring us. We wish you all the best.

Remember: “There is a good reason they call these ceremonies “commencement exercises.” Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning.” – Orrin Hatch

Have you got any inspiring story to share? You know the drill!

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