10 Vacation Rental Houses You Should Check Out for the Holidays

The Holidays are coming up, and this means parties, reunions, and a lot more parties. It’s inevitable. And while the idea of parties can be super exciting, there’s no doubt that the preparations can also be super stressful. If you’re the designated party planner, then you’ll have to think about the party place, the food, drinks, games, invitations, and even the theme!

Well, we’re saving you quite a bit of time because here’s a list of 10 vacation houses you can rent for your next holiday party or even for just a small family get-together. Check them out: (Disclaimer: This list is not in order)

10. Raffi’s Way – Tagaytay City

This is a super Instagrammable vacation house that’s not too far from the city! It’s got a breathtaking view of Taal, minimalist yet classy interiors, lots of space for socializing, a beautiful pool, and 4 rooms that can fit 10-15 people.

It’s the perfect place for a relaxing weekend getaway with the family. You can get here in just a couple of hours from Manila! Get your phone storage ready because you’ll surely be taking lots of photos.

132 Talisay Road, Tagaytay City
0917 875 02 02
Facebook: facebook.com/raffisway
Instagram: @raffisway_tagaytay

9. Tali Beach House – Nasugbu, Batangas

Photo from talibeach.blogspot.com

Here’s a vacation house that’s in an exclusive gated community that’s along the scenic shores of Nasugbu, Batangas. It’s just a few steps from the beach, so if you’ve always dreamed of being able to plunge into the blue waters right after waking up, this is the place to achieve that dream.

As of the moment, there are 4 bedrooms which can accommodate 12-14 people, but more rooms will be added to accommodate up to 30 people! You wouldn’t have to worry about the limit of space in this house. Plus, there’s an infinity pool with a beautiful view of the beach.

Tali Beach, Nasugbu, Batangas
0917 882 8760

Facebook: facebook.com/talibeachfront

8. Zambawood – Zambales

Zambawood, Luxury Beach House for Rent in San Narciso, Zambales Zambawood Cafe Rachel Harrison Keith Harrison

This particular vacation house is more than just a beach house. It’s on an actual ranch where you can explore and do a whole lot more than just eat and sleep in the house. While the house is gorgeous on its own, especially with its artsy interior of modern and Asian influences, the land will allow you to appreciate Zambales as you explore.

It’s the perfect place for peaceful and tranquil get-togethers. The story behind this home is beautiful as well. Read it here.

Fernandez Compound, Purok 1B, Bario La Paz,
San Narciso, Zambales
(02) 401 8776 / (+63) 915 991 4715
Facebook: facebook.com/zambawood

7. The Lily – Batangas

This beautiful home was inspired by the owner’s mother–calm and captivating. The interior of the house is colorful but very homey. I could say that it’s a perfect example of a home away from home. It’s also perfect for intimate family reunions because there are no televisions nor wi-fi–it’s going to be a time well-spent without the fuss of technology.

It’s got 4 rooms which can altogether accommodate up to 25 people. It also has a pool for a quick dip under the sun (or stars, whichever you prefer).

North Beach Road, Lian, Batangas
Facebook: facebook.com/thelilybatangas
Instagram: @thelilybatangas

6. Club Punta Fuego – Batangas

If you’re up for a luxurious holiday outing, Club Punta Fuego in Batangas might be the place you’re looking for. While it may be a membership resort club, they still offer beautiful accommodations for non-residents.

You may rent one of their Casitas which offer homey yet fancy interiors that’s a perfect venue for your family members who deserve nothing less than the best. Also, there are a lot of club activities that you can enjoy.

Peninsula De Punta Fuego, Sunset Drive
Nasugbu, Batangas
Facebook: facebook.com/clubpuntafuego
Instagram: instagram.com/

5. Upper House Village Baguio

If you’ve been in the Metro ever since your world began, then you’ve probably thought of going to Baguio for the holidays. But the stories of traffic and sudden increase in population can be scary. No worries, though. Upper House Village Baguio offers you the comforts of having your very own Baguio house for a short time while having the services of luxurious hotels! No more hassle for you and your family.

They’ve got gorgeous cottages good for up to 14 people. Staying at one of these cottages is bound to be a great family experience for the holidays.

Paterno St. South Drive (between Baguio Country Club and Camp John Hay)

0915 541 0916
Facebook: facebook.com/upperhousevillage

4. Casa Monk – Batangas

Casa Monk

This one’s got a breathtaking view, an infinity pool, and even a sauna! And while its got luxurious amenities, Casa Monk does not shy away from having relaxing homey feels all while showcasing its modern interior.

Its quite easy to feel at home at Casa Monk, especially with such a chill vibe that will allow you to lounge around and really just enjoy spending time with your family. It can house around 16 people, but if you’re coming with a big family, accommodating more people can be arranged.

Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas
Contact Num: +63926-485-7402
Facebook: www.facebook.com/casamonk

3. Villa Penelope – Cebu

Photo from Villa Penelope

If you’re down south, you’ve got to check out Villa Penelope in Cebu. It’s got amazing tranquil spaces that become a lot more relaxing with its Asian elements in the interior. It’s quite easy to instantly feel peaceful once you step into this house with its wide open spaces. There’s also a gorgeous pool you can lounge around in.

It also houses a beautiful garden and a breathtaking view of the sea. And located 2 hours away from the city, it’s truly a hidden gem in Cebu.

Patricks Road Santa Cruz, Ronda, Cebu

2. Turtle Bay Villa – Palawan

Photo from Turtle Bay Villa

This villa is in the middle of the forest, near the Underground River, and overlooking the sea. If your family enjoys nature, then Turtle Bay Villa in Palawan just might be the vacation house for you.

People really enjoy the quietness of this spot. And while the river and the beach may be enough outdoor activities for you and your family, you can also enjoy watersports and the infinity pool at the top of the hill! Turtle Bay Villa can accommodate up to 12 people.

Puerto Princesa, Palawan

1. Manzante Farm House – Vigan City

Photo from Manzante Farm House

If you’re going north and you’re up for a bit of farm action, this farmhouse in Vigan might be the perfect place for you. It sits in the midst of a 1.2-hectare property that’s filled with all kinds of greenery and animals!

This place will definitely allow you and your family to be one with nature. You can roam around the spacious farm, probably play with some of the animals, check out the lake at the back of the property, or even waddle in the beach nearby. If you’ve ever dreamed of living on your very own farm, Manzante Farm House could make that dream come true. Imagine the cool breeze and the sound of crickets chirping as you celebrate the holidays here!

Vigan City, Ilocos, Philippines

Do you know of any other vacation houses worth checking this holiday season? Share it with us!

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