Enjoy a Weekend Retreat at Casa Monk: 4-Bedroom Home in Batangas With a Breathtaking View!

Casa Monk

The breathtaking view of the ocean from its spacious dining area is all you need to see to fall in love with this gem of a place, Casa Monk. Every detail about this home in Batangas was meticulously made and no corners were cut. This luxurious property is a remarkable display of the balance of luxury, functionality, and class. Upon entering, my first thought was that this house was built to host the most amazing party or weekend getaway!

Casa MonkThe Master Bedroom is perfect for newlyweds and plain romantic getaways

Casa MonkEnjoy a bath with a stunning view

Besides the obviously stunning design of the structure, you get plush comforters in opulent rooms, clean elegant bathrooms, an infinity pool, a sauna and steam room, a BBQ, bar and KTV, and wait for it…a fully functional gym! Come on, they could have definitely thrown in a bowling alley if they had the space. Oh, and the view by the dining room? Wow.

I’m a firm believer that the best attraction of this lovely home is the bright and airy vibe that welcomes you the moment you step on its hardwood floors.

Casa MonkAll rooms are snazzy, well-lit, and properly ventilated

Casa MonkWho wouldn’t want to have breakfast here?

Casa MonkThis kitchen is divine!

The design is brilliant. It’s a perfect mix of modern and class. You know that they gave overflowing love when building this home. I can see intimate family gatherings happening here, and the house brimming with fun-filled barkada outing memories. With four storeys of space and full amenities, you’re sure to enjoy your weekend.

Casa MonkSqueeze in a quick exercise with a few laps in the pool or enjoy a glass of wine in the jacuzzi while watching the sunset

Casa Monk

Batangas is a quick option for immediate beach getaways. The proximity to Manila and the abundance of beaches and properties lining the coast make it an easy option. It’s known for its lush marine life and vast mountains favored by newbie hikers. One of the most recent and key attractions in this province is the Greek-themed Fortune Island that is easily accessible from this home.

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Casa Monk

Casa MonkAfter dipping in the pool, make sure to head to the sauna!

If you’re up for something more relaxed and effortless, you can easily head down to Terrazas de Punta Fuego and lounge under the sun or try various water activities. There’s a multitude of things you can do besides enjoying this house, which is difficult not to do.

Casa MonkView of the pool from the recreational area

We are lucky that in this day and age, organizations like Airbnb make lodging options more accessible, flexible, and tailored to our budget. It’s amazing how both home-owner and tenant can mutually benefit in this set up. What use is a beautiful home if no one appreciates or utilizes it? In this manner, Casa Monk can be maximized and used to its full potential.

Casa Monk

Casa Monk

Casa Monk usually accommodates groups of up to 16 pax but provision for larger groups can be arranged. They had previously hosted a group of 30 and it was crazy, but they still got positive feedback! Don’t worry about cleaning up after because they got it covered. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your stay. It’s even better than getting a hotel!

Casa MonkI could live here!

“From my experience, it is by far the most stunning house in Punta Fuego!”
– Shella, Airbnb 


Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas
Contact Num: +63926-485-7402
Facebook: www.facebook.com/casamonk

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