10 Tips for Buying A Used Car in Manila: 2nd Hand Car Buying Advice

10 Effective Tips When Buying Used Cars


With recent news of armed robberies, MRT mishaps, roadside accidents, and gridlock trafficcommuting in Manila is no longer safe. Some alternatives to commuting are walking,  getting a bike, or buying a car. Of course, buying a car would be one of the safest and most convenient choices, but the problem is, a brand new car can cost you an arm and a leg!

Instead, we recommend something just as good, but not as pricey! DUN-DUN-DUN (epic sound effects) We recommend you get a 2nd hand car!!!!

Yes, this is actually a good idea as there are many second hand cars out there, which are just as good as new, but HALF the price! You just have to know how to find them and what to look for.

So here’ we go with our top 10 tips on getting yourself a great deal on a used car here in Manila!  


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10. Research the model

Research first the car of your choice. There are many websites that offer car reviews and comparisons to help you decide what brand and model to choose.


Towing Cars

9. Know the features

While most cars in each segment have the same dimensions and seating capacity, they vary greatly in the amenities and features available. Honda, for example, are known to have upscale standards such as alloy wheels, power features, and dual airbags. Knowing what you want in your car can help you decide what brand and model to get.


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8. Classify its generation

Classifying your target car’s generation and its specifications could give you a preview of its performance, especially if you are targeting decades-old models. Some brands, like Mitsubishi, usually update their models in an average of ten years. It’s important to also take notes also about the features included in each trim level.


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7. Compare prices

Before reaching into your pockets and setting your budget, make sure you make a price comparison of all your prospect units. When opting for financing, its useful to first compute its interest and how much more it would cost you versus paying upfront. You can also check online marketplaces like Carmudi Philippines, an online vehicle marketplace where you can buy and sell used cars. One benefit of buying online is you can meet a lot of sellers who have different price points.


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6. Prepare a checklist

Depending on your knowledge of the car model, prepare a checklist of things you need to know about the unit. These questions can only be answered by the car dealer. Some things you might want to know re the car’s history and the profile of its previous owner.


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5. Inspect the car thoroughly

When walking in the car dealer’s lot or showroom, notice the other cars for sale. A general assessment of what they offer could tell you a lot about the company and how they handle their automotive products. Begin inspecting the car from its exterior to its front, sides, rear, and roof. 


10 Effective Tips When Buying Used Cars 7

4. Pop up the hood

Ask the car dealer if you could inspect the engine. A good engine usually is not greasy or dusty. It’s also important to check its fluids, especially its oil, by performing a dipstick test. When starting the car, notice the sound it makes and the exhaust’s color.  This is a dead giveaway of the engine’s condition.


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3. Assess the particulars

Assess the availability and condition of the following:  powered options, security alarm, lighting system, and trim-specific amenities like leather seats and cup holders. Based on your research, see if these features are included on the trim level specified.


10 Effective Tips When Buying Used Cars 9

2. Consider the dealer options

Some used cars are equipped with dealer option added equipment like roof rails, tire covers, and entertainment systems. These could increase the car’s price, so it’s best to consider if these extras are worth the price or not.


10 Effective Tips When Buying Used Cars 10

1.   Test drive and haggle

After checking very detail of the car, it’s time for a test drive. This is the most important part because this is when you know if the car is for you. When driving the car, notice if the transmission is still faultless. Check if the pedals and gearshifts are not yet rigid. Before making the deal, ask for a discount based on your own valuation. Chances are, a used car’s sticker price  is not  its final price.


So there you have it, 10 great tips on buying your used car!!! 

Even if it’s a used car, make sure to buy a model that can still work and fit your lifestyle. If you follow these 10 effective tips for buying used cars, we guarantee you’ll find the car of your dreams (Bumblebee of the Transformers not included).

With this, we further recommend 2 more things we’ve personally tried:

First, as mentioned above, compare prices online first to give you a feel for going rates for the car you want. We highly recommend: 

Carmudi Philippines


online vehicle marketplace


Second, we did find this one trustworthy small used car dealership in Manila, where the owner was really nice and they had the best rates we could find in town. Check out:

Integrity Auto Trading



1236 E. Int. United Nations Avenue Paco Manila

(back of NISSAN U.N. Showroom)

Telefax 353-8152


Look for: ERIKA


Do you have other tips when buying used cars? Share it in the comments below!


10 Effective Tips When Buying Used Cars