MMDA Performs Test-Run of One Truck Lane Policy Along C5

MMDA Performs Test-Run of One Truck Lane Policy Along C5



With the worsening traffic condition of C5, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) keeps on devising plans to alleviate the situation. Its newest scheme called One Truck Lane Policy aims to improve the traffic situation in the area. This scheme is currently applied along Roxas Blvd.

MMDA One Truck Lane (3) One Truck Lane Policy (Image from: inquirer.net)

Today, August 30, 2014, MMDA tested its One Truck Lane Policy along the stretch of C5. It posted an announcement about it on its Facebook Page a day before the actual test implementation. For those wondering why the U-turn slots along C5 were closed and why there are new traffic lights along the intersections, here’s a copy of MMDA’s announcement.

MMDA One Truck Lane (1) 

 The key points of the One Truck Lane Policy include:

  • During the truck hours from Monday to Saturday, including Sundays and holidays, trucks shall only use the innermost lane along C-5 and shall strictly observe the one-lane policy.
  • To ensure the efficient implementation of the one-truck lane policy, U-turn slots along C-5 shall be closed except those under the flyovers, and signalized intersections shall be opened.
  • At no time during the whole day will container trucks be allowed to park on any street along C-5.
  • Trucks who fail to observe the one-truck lane policy shall be apprehended and fined PhP 2,000, which is the corresponding penalty to truck ban violation.  MMDA shall recommend the blacklisting of the trucking company.

I was able to see the test-run of the One Truck Lane Policy today as I drove along C5 (from Bagong Ilog to Libis) this evening. The usual U-turn slots along C5 were closed while the intersections are now open. There were many MMDA officers deployed along C5. I even saw officers apprehending motorcycle drivers who are trying to turn on the closed U-turn slots near Tiendesitas. How I wish that they didn’t have to do this if motorists would just follow the rules.

MMDA One Truck Lane (2) Signalized intersection along C5-Bagumbayan, a stone’s throw away from Eastwood City.

When I passed C5 today, there was still a bit of a jam since motorists are still unaware of the closed U-turn slots where I observed some are still switching to the inner lane to take a U-turn. Some trucks also haven’t observed the One Truck Lane Policy yet because some are still driving on the outer lanes. Moreover, some jeepneys are still picking up or letting passengers alight even on spots where they aren’t allowed to do so.

We can fully see the effect of the One Truck Lane Policy on Monday, when a full blast of motorists will once again ride along C5 to go to school or work. Until then, let’s see how this new scheme can affect the traffic jam along C5.

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MMDA Performs Test-Run of One Truck Lane Policy Along C5