10 Funny Filipina Personalities to Brighten Up Your Day

Written by Louise De Luna (@louisedeluna)

On an average day, we all experience stress over one thing or another. It could be because of traffic, work, your favorite TV show couple breaking up or having your own break up. Sometimes, all you want to do is slip under your covers and sleep the worries away. But what about trying some laughter therapy?

Check out this list of funny Filipinas that will surely tickle your funny bone and melt your stress away!

10. Ethel Booba 

ethel booba political dynasties

Let’s start with the undisputed KWEEN of TwitterEthel Booba! With her witty (and relevant!) quips under 100 characters, you can have your bite-sized laughter pill during the commute. CHAROT!

9. Helen Payawal of HelenOnFleek

Whoever said beauty vloggers can’t be funny obviously haven’t watched Helen Payawal’s videos. This girl can have her make up on fleek WHILE riding an extreme ride! Buwis buhay ‘te! 

8. Angelica Panganiban 


Most of us (at least the 90’s kids) might remember Angelica Panganiban as Becky from Sarah: Ang Munting Prinsesa or as half of the cutest (in my opinion!) couple from G-Mik. She’s since moved on to more mature roles but Angelica also developed comedic timing.

Who can forget this iconic line: Kem back to the young and byutipul you! 

7. The TSN Girls – Vivian, Fay & Camille

These three women have been friends for more than over a decade, and you can’t possibly have a friendship last that long without humor! Check out their hilarious video about the “Palace Pool Club”! 

6. Petra Mahalimuyak 

Ashley Rivera, who goes with the stage name Petra Mahalimuyak, is all of us whenever we do our make updon’t try to deny it! She’s been a part of several movies already, but still stays as funny as ever as part of the comedy show Bubble Gang.  

5. Arci Munoz

Arci isn’t only beautiful, blessed with a great voice, and acting talent, she’s also awesome at making people laugh effortlessly! (Girl, unfair ah!) Who didn’t laugh at that one scene in Camp Sawi? Hint: drunk Arci + drunk Bella Padilla = stressed out Camp Master Sam Milby.

4. Marga from My Channel Now

Marga’s Panlasang Sabog series is a sure-hit for all college students and just about everyone who can’t cook to save their lives. It’s witty and it’s not afraid to poke fun at itself, which we shouldn’t be afraid to do too…at least from time to time!

3. Eugene Domingo 

It would be a sin not to include Eugene Domingo in this list. A versatile actress, Eugene Domingo can go from drama to comedy in a snap of your fingers! Remember that scene in Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank? Ask and you shall receive!

2. Christine Gambito from Happy Slip

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Christine Gambito is a Filipino-American serving you up with funny sketches of different relatable Filipino situations. Who doesn’t have that Karaoke Tita or Tito, after all? (If you don’t have one, it’s probably you.) 

Fun fact: Happy Slip came from Christine’s mom’s mispronunciation of ‘half-slip’! 

1. Ellen Adarna

If you weren’t aware of how hilarious Ellen Adarna can be, I would have to ask this: “How long have you been living under a rock?” From her song covers to her make up sessions, she’s apologetically funny and it’s refreshing to see.

With the variety of types of comedy these ladies provide, your frown should be upside down by now! Check out their different social media accounts and vlogs, and destress today!

Tell us which of these funny ladies is your favorite in the comments below!