BDJ Box: The City Girl’s Every Day Make Up


Growing up as city girls, my sister and I have adapted a fast-paced lifestyle. Her, being in the hotel and restaurant industry as a chef and I, being a professor and writer, our career paths demand us to look good and be on tip-top shape! And, as city girls, due to time constraints and the intense traffic from one place to another, we have learned how to maximize our time spent on the road.

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BDJ Beauty Box was created to help every Filipina discover the best beauty products that suit her needs and personality. With the help of the BDJ Box Beauty Ministers, each BDJ beauty box is carefully curated every month for BDJ Bellas.

BDJ Box_Before Pic

Before photo

We then tried to do an on-the-go makeup challenge with the BDJ Box Elite, which has make-up from Colour Collection. The situation? We put make up in the Uber-driven car on the way to another meeting from a prior client meeting. Read on and see how we faired!

High-definition Dual Powder Foundation

Since we didn’t have access to water, we did a dry application of the high-definition dual powder foundation. It was light on the skin, but still covered mild blemishes.

BDJ Box Foundation

All-Day Wear

This is Colour Collection’s Neutral Eyeshadow Palette, which is great for every day wear! May it be for a trip to the beach or you have multiple meetings all day, this is great for a no-make up look!

BDJ Box All Day Wear

Color Intense

The Colour Collection’s Color Intense has three shades of eyeshadow: white, silver, and blue. You can opt to use the blue shade for a stronger eye makeup! This is good for a day to night transition.

BDJ Box Color Intense

It also comes with a blush and bronzer palette, good for a natural contour!

BDJ Box Blush Application

All-Day Eyebrow Mascara

With the constant need to have eyebrows on fleek, this product which comes in dark brown shade is just right for our morena skin.

BDJ Box Eyebrows

All Day Wear Lengthening Mascara (Waterproof)

We looked more “awake” with how long our eye lashes were, right after we applied this product. We give this two thumbs up for being waterproof, since we perspire a lot in this tropical country!

Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner

Unlike other liquid eyeliners that “leak” upon application, this product is beginner-friendly. It dries within seconds and it’s not hard to apply even when inside a running car!

BDJ Box Liquid Eyeliner and Mascara

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All-Day Wear Matte Lipsticks

Because it’s day time, we chose two light shades for our lipsticks. On the left is Rich Pecan, which my sister used since she wanted a more natural, brown shade. On the right is Cosy Currant, which I used, is more pinkish brown in nature. Even if these are matte lipsticks, our lips didn’t chap.

BDJ Box Lipstick

Our After-Photo with Colour Collection of BDJ Box Elite

We had a few more minutes to spare before we arrived at our destination. So, we took our “after-photo” to see how we faired. My sister and I are happy with how it turned out! The make up doesn’t cake, thus helping us look fresher than ever.

BDJ Box After Photo

My sister and I appreciated what was inside the BDJ Box Elite (Php 1,480). The box is definitely centered on quality products that provide colors which compliment the Filipina skin. Plus, the affordable price of the BDJ Box will not put a dent on the wallet of young professionals like my sister and I.

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